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Before the Age of Dragons

During this time period, magical creatures lived alongside Humans. Like tigers in the jungle, bears in the hills, and sharks in the oceans, enchanted beasts wandered the world. Not much is known about how the mystical creatures or beings came. However, it is known they came before man, as they existed peacefully when the primitive man foraged in tribes. They taught mankind the secrets of bread, clay, and fire. Sadly, man became blind to them over time, and interaction between mortals and these creatures became rare. Then mankind began to multiply, and with that came an explosion in technology, and consequently these beings lost many of their ancient homes. Even though mankind had no malice towards these creatures, they faded away into colorful caricatures inhabiting myths and fables. The art of assuming permanent mortal shape was discovered by Archadius, who became the first ever Wizard. This happened well over 3000 years ago.

Age of Dragons

As Humans started to spread over the globe, many of the mystical creatures foresaw the day mortals would claim the entire world. They began to fight back, especially, the Dragons. They started with attacking ships and caravans, then villages and towns. Even cities. There was a time when a huge percentage of towns and cities offered tributes to the Dragons to survive. Some gave treasure. Others provided livestock or even people. Some Wizards, Enchantresses, and Dragon Slayers thought that it had gone too far, and began to try to confine the Dragons to Sanctuaries. This happened almost 3000 years ago

Dark Ages

Little is known about this time period, except that the bloody fight the Wizards, Enchantresses and Dragon Slayers had with the Dragons continued into this period. Eventually, the ingenuity of Wizards and the courage of the Dragon Slayers overcame the might of their opponents. This likely took place around 2800-2900 years ago.

Creation of Sanctuaries and Preserves

After winning the battle against the Dragons, the Wizards began creating the Seven Sanctuaries and selected the Seven Designated Dragon Slayers. After this several of the around seventyseven preserves were created.

Creation of Fablehaven

In 1711, the preserve Fablehaven was created by a group of Europeans who took control over the land Bahumat haunted after subduing the Demon.