"Humbuggle is the greatest trickster the world has seen." -Ronodin, to Kendra

Humbuggle is a demon that created the contest for the Wizenstone at Stormguard Castle. He normally appears as a dwarf. He is clever and has the ability to transform into other forms: Augie, a young boy; Elouise, an old woman; and Pietro, an old man. According to Ronodin, Humbuggle has guarded the Wizenstone for ages, even before settling at Wyrmroost. The most recent contest at Stormguard Castle lasted for about 600 years.

The Wyrmroost contest had four different phases:

The coin gathering - The three brothers of Stormguard Castle had to find and throw one of the three coins (silver, gold, and platinum) into the fountain in the castle. Eventuallly, Kendra, Celebrant, and Obregon did it instead.

The Banishment Rod - The three contestants that threw the coins into the fountain compete for the Banishment Rod. Kendra succeeds when figuring out that the rod actually was hidden in the water, not in the long corridor that Celebrant and Obregon took.

The memory loss - The entrance to this room is completely black and when you go through you lose all of your memories as long as you remain in there, the people that entered were Seth, Lomo, Obregon, Tregain, and Humbuggle (in form of Pietro). Seth rescues Humbuggle when he pretends to hurt himself and Humbuggle gives Seth the Key of Forgetting.

The identity loss - If you unlock the correct door with the Key of Forgetting you'll lose all of your memories. Seth used the jade key and lost all of his knowledge. Inside the room was the Wizenstone, but all who touched it turned to ash. Obregon and Tregain both met their doom when they attempted to claim the stone.

Master of the Phantom Isle

It is revealed that Humbuggle was involved with Graulas in cursing the Nipsies of Fablehaven. After the Wyrmroost contest, he relocated to Titan Valley.


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