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Jeruwat was one of the three sons of Celebrant, the Dragon King.


Jeruwat was a vast dragon with thundercloud gray scales and glossy, black horns. He had calm and urbane voice.


By the order of his father he stalked Magdalena in her yeti form. When the opportunity arose, he devoured her and Bernice in front of Kendra and Virgil. It was later confirmed by the demon Batoosa that Jeruwat had followed Kendra and her companions using a tracking spell in a pendant given to Virgil to make him appear a man instead of a goat to other humans.

Although Batoosa tried to help Kendra by having his vulture take the pendant in a different direction as a decoy, Jeruwat somehow caught on, confronted Batoosa, and threatened him to tell him where Kendra and her friends had gone.

Jeruwat soon caught up with them in Venezuela, where Kendra had found another of the legendary dragon slayers, Gerwin. He first tried to approach them in his human avatar as a tall and strong man with no hair, and tried to force Gerwin (who was currently a child at the time) out of the human town (since dragons could not yet approach human communities, thanks to the Sovereign Skull).

Kendra and Gerwin (who awoke to his true identity, because of Jeruwat's presence) soon faced him after they recovered Gerwin's gear, and rode upon Noble and Glory in an aerial battle after Jeruwat was abel to revert to his dragon form, and the dragon fell to Gerwin, who used his weapons, fletched with phoenix feathers, to slay him.