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Jibarro is a huge sea dragon guarding the entrance to the Under Realm. He has a gargantuan head similar to a lumpy, diseased lizard, infested with barnacles. Knobby horns projects in various shapes and directions, like the buds of malformed antlers, and, with his jaws agape, a funnel of hooked teeth is revealed. 

The dragon is supported by a purple, shell-encrusted neck with misshapen nostrils on its head. As Jibarro breathes, a warm humid breath reeking strongly of old fish is exhaled. 

He can be called by hitting a drum three times using a bone. When this is done, a triangle of cressets are formed which will protect one person from the dragon.

Master of the Phantom Isle

Ronodin took Seth to Jibarro to practice Seth’s ability to speak to dragons. Ronodin placed Seth in the middle of the cressets where he would be safe but Seth didn’t succeed in using his powers to overcome the paralysation. After Ronodin described how Seth could sense his essence and draw power from the darkness dwelling there to resist being frozen, the drum was hit a second time, and this time Seth managed to move and speak in Jibarro’s presence.


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