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Jibarro is a huge sea dragon guarding the entrance to the Under Realm. He has a gargantuan head similar to a lumpy, diseased lizard, infested with barnacles. Knobby horns projects in various shapes and directions, like the buds of malformed antlers, and, with his jaws agape, a funnel of hooked teeth are revealed. 

The dragon is supported by a purple, shell-encrusted neck with misshapen nostrils on its head. He can be called by hitting a drum three times using a bone. When this is done, the nearby triangle of cressets will protect a single person from the dragon

Master of the Phantom Isle

Ronodin took Seth to Jibarro to practice speaking to dragons on his own. After describing how Seth could sense his essence and draw power from the darkness within to resist being frozen, on the second attempt, Seth managed to move and speak in Jibarro’s presence.

While approaching the Isle to recover the Seth, Bracken, and the Sunset Pearl, Faro was eaten by Jibarro in an ultimately successful attempt to slow the dragon long enough for Kendra and Grady to reach the Phantom Isle.