Jinn are the entities through which the myth of genies arose. They are powerful but oftentimes evil. One may negotiate with an imprisoned jinn for a favor, but jinns are extremely cunning, so take great care.

Negotiations with a jinn require an extreme level of vulnerability and honesty. The jinn may ask any three questions, which must be answered with absolute truthfulness.

If all three questions are answered honestly, the jinn grants a favor.

If the petitioner lies, the jinn is set free and gains power over the petitioner.

If the petitioner fails to answer a question, the jinn remains captive but may exact a penalty.

The one question a jinn is not permitted to ask is a person's given name because knowing his or her name automatically gives the jinn power over that person.

Grandma Sorenson tells the children about one they had imprisoned when giving them a tour of the dungeon. She explained that it was responsible for turning her into a chicken the previous year.