The Journal of Secrets is a blue book with golden letters. Kendra found it on a bookshelf in the playroom when she was searching the bookshelves for a trigger to a secret passage to the other side of the attic. The book was held shut by three sturdy clasps, each with a keyhole. Inside the book, almost every page was blank. Except for on one of the final pages, where three words were written near the binding, towards the bottom. It said "Drink the milk." It was later revealed that the book was actually Patton personal secret journal in which he wrote, apart from other things, instructions for Kendra to find the location of two of the artefacts.

The Three Keys for the Three Keyholes:

  1. The gold key Kendra had found in the dollhouse armoire fit the bottom one.
  2. The second key was found when the lock on the belly of a unicorn rocking horse was undone.
  3. Finally, when Kendra opened the jewelry box to inspect where the final key could be hiding, the thrid key was found hidden on a charm bracelet.
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