The Knights of the Dawn is a brotherhood formed to combat the Society of the Evening Star. They are best known for their secrecy, and their most outstanding battle with the society. The knights are covert and rarely have a meeting where everyone is required to attend. Not even the members themselves know all the other knights as they wear masks during a full-house meeting. They can be best distinguished when they are in their uniforms:a sleek, shiny suit made of silvery material; their masks are also silver. However, different ranks have slightly different uniforms. They have ranks similar to military such as lieutenant and captain. These are mainly for classification however and hold no real power. The former Captain was the Sphinx, who was, in reality, the leader of the Society of the Evening Star. Somewhere near the end of the third book, his true loyalties were reviewed to the 4 lieutenants after they confronted him. It is implied that the four lieutenants took charge after his betrayal. But after the events of Book 4, they elected Stan Sorenson as their new Captain.

In Keys to the Demon Prison (book 5) it is revealed that before their exile, the Astrids were and are truly called the Knights of the Dawn.

Knights of the sawn

Known Members

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