Kobolds are dark creatures, likely related to goblins. Kendra saw one in Rise of the Evening Star. His name was Casey Hancock and appeared as a strikingly handsome boy to most people . Only Kendra could see him as an ugly kobold. He had a bald head, terrible breath, and wooed some of Kendra's friends out on dates. Kendra's friends, after a kiss with him, are disenchanted with him due to his bad breath. Kendra and Seth were tricked by Errol Fisk into stealing a frog statue that was later revealed to be a demon in its dormant state in order to get Case to leave the school which he did do, upon receiving the Demon wrapped up as a gift.

  • It is possible that the Goblin Kendra and Seth saw on Midsummer's Eve was actually a kobold as it was described to looked almost exactly like Case


They have yellow slits for eyes, a puckered nose, and a face like a dried cantaloupe. The head was bald and scabrous and was fringed with web like hair. The sinuous arms were gangly, the hands were long and leathery, and tipped with hooked claws. Ribs, collarbones, and pelvis jutted hideously. Spidery networks of veins bulged against maroon flesh.

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