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Kurisock was one of the four major demons that inhabited the Fablehaven preserve. More shadow than substance, he must bind himself to a host in order to interact with the mortal world. In return for a borrowed physical form, Kurisock imbued his host with power. Depending on the host, the results could have been terrifying.

This demon was bound by oath not to pass beyond the borders of Fablehaven, but he could partner with entities outside the domain. Kurisock had never been seen before his death but was known to have lived and ruled the tar pit.


According to the demon Graulas, Kurisock reportedly had wrought occasional devastation but lacked the faculties of a master strategist. Also, years ago, he bound himself to Ephira, a fallen hamadryad.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

After he bound himself to Ephira, the fallen Hamadryad, the dark dragon Navarog gave Kurisock the cursed nail of the Revenant, supplying him with more dark power. Together, Ephira and Kurisock created the shadow plague.

After a large struggle, Lena Burgess destroyed the nail by connecting it with a stone filled with magical energy, losing her life in the process. When the nail was nullified, the creatures of Fablehaven were cured of the plague, and both Ephira and Kurisock were destroyed. As Kurisock died, Kendra saw his remains. He was described as an inert, slimy, shadowy lump of mush with teeth and claws.

Powers and Abilities

  • Symbiotic binding: Kurisock could bind himself to a host in order to interact with the material world.