Kurisock is one of the four Demons inhabiting Fablehaven. He is more shadow than substance. He is able to bind himself to a host. In return for a borrowed physical form, he imbues the host with power. Depending on the host, the results may vary, ranging from impressive to pathetic. Kurisock rules a tiny domain in Fablehaven--a small tar pit. By binding oath, Kurisock cannot go beyond the limits of his domain.

Kurisock reportedly has wrought occasional devastation, but lacks the faculties of a master strategist.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Kurisock only appears in Book 3, but gets mentioned in others. Years ago, he bound himself to Ephira, a fallen Hamadryad. Eventually, Navarog gave them the Cursed Nail, supplying them with more dark power. Together, Ephira and Kurisock created the Shadow Plague. After a large struggle, Lena Burgess destroyed the nail by connecting it with a Light-filled stone, losing her life in the process. When the nail was nullified, the creatures of Fablehaven were cured of the Plague, and both Ephira and Kurisock were destroyed. As Kurisock died, Kendra saw his remains. He was described as an inert, slimy, shadowy lump of mush with teeth and claws.

Powers and Abilities

  • Kurisock took control of a living being to stay alive, it is not known if he could do it to more then one being at a time
  • He could control other dark creatures as he had dark creatures guard his land and serve him in battle
  • Kurisock could create the Shadow Plague through the nail talisman Seth pulled from the neck of the revenent.