The Lady Luck is a ship with three tall masts and complex rigging, but without sails. Her wood is old and weathered but not rotten. An elaborately carved mermaid hangs at the front, face panicked, and arms chained to her sides. About twenty Undead, raggedly dressed deckhands man the ship.

To summon Lady Luck, you must find Cormac the Leprechaun and retrieve three items: a bell, a whistle, and a music box. Afterwards, travel to Hatteras Island, off the coast of North Carolina, and ring the bell. One hundred minutes after ringing the bell, blow the whistle three times every few minutes until a rowboat arrives. Once aboard, play the music box for the presence that resides in the ship. This process secures passage to the Shoreless Isle.

The Presence inside the cabin, a feminine entity who can be felt but not seen, is known to be temperamental and only respects those she fears may do her harm. Passengers cannot allow themselves to be intimidated. Also, Lady Luck is a one-way ship, so passengers must remember to arrange for an alternative method to return.


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