Laura was the primary caretaker of the preserve Obsidian Waste. She had long honey-blond hair and tan, slightly burnt skin. Despite being nearly fifty, she was still very fit. She lived at Obsidian Waste with her sister, sister's husband, nephew, Corbin, Sam, and Lois.

In the Fablehaven series

The Keys to the Demon Prison

Her aides were siblings named Camira and Berrigan. Near the end of the conflict with the Society of the Evening Star, the main house was invaded by members of the Society of the Evening Star let in by Camira, including a narcoblix named Wayne, Mirav (a wizard), Torina Barker (a lectoblix), Mr. Lich (a viviblix), and the Gray Assassin. Laura was forced to pretend as though the main house hadn't been invaded to protect her family, who were being held as hostages, and the next day a group of Knights came to get the Translocator. She greeted them, but once Trask mentioned that Seth heard the undead, Laura took Berrigan's knife and killed Camira. After subduing Berrigan, who was under Wayne's control, they escaped in the jeeps as the members of the Society came out of the house and attacked. Zombies came out of various hiding places, but the jeeps plowed through them and traveled to the Dreamstone. When they arrived, Wayne taunted her with the revelation that her entire family was now dead, but Tanu forced Wayne out of Berrigan's body with a potion. After calming down Berrigan and questioning him to make sure Wayne was truly out, Laura ordered the team to rush to the Translocator. After helping them find their way in, she was then left to try to stall the army of zombies and other Society members in order to give the team enough time to get the artifact, despite this meaning her certain death. She demolished a bridge and led a counterattack to slow the Society. Later, she was shown among the zombies as a zombie herself, meaning she was killed.

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