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Lena Burgess is the wife of Patton Burgess and a former Naiad who left the water after being courted by Patton. After Patton's death, Lena stays behind to help take care of Fablehaven, serving as a maid to the Sorensons.

She is a talented artist, a holder of a few world records in swimming across the globe, a massage expert, a chef, a geisha, a trapeze artist, and a nurse. She traveled to Europe, the Middle East, India, Japan, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands in her lifetime. Her sisters are also naiads.

Physical Description

When she was first described, she was said to be a thin, short, and old woman that had white hair with a few black streaks. She has brown, almond-shaped eyes, which gives her an Asian look. She had a faint accent, but not one that was easily recognizable to Kendra.


She is at the preserve when Seth and Kendra arrive, and her job was being housekeeper. She made the kids' meals and also played with them, such as when she created paint-by-numbers canvases for Seth. She was taken by the fairies after they defeated Bahumat. Lena was returned to the pond as a naiad.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Patton has returned from the past, for three days, and he and Kendra convinced her to leave the pond to help Fablehaven. Lena later sacrifices herself to save Fablehaven and her husband Patton Burgess, from the shadow plague.