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These magical little men pad their coffers by finding and taking lost and hidden treasures. They can't resist unattended gold and have pockets that can hold indefinite amounts of it. When they are caught, their magic is useless. The best way to dupe them is with either gold or whiskey, for both cloud their judgment.


This miniature miser lives at Fablehaven. He has a bristly auburn beard, a knobby nose, and speaks with an Irish brogue. He wears a red frock coat and an outdated hat. He can be caught, but never the same trap twice.

The Journal of Secrets explains that there is a magical pond somewhere on Fablehaven where a treasure hunter can capture a Leprechaun.


In book 5, Seth recieves a letter from Patton and it says that Seth has to catch him Cormac, because he has the items needed to summon the Lady Luck, given to him by Patton.


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