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Light Creatures are creatures that are light by nature. They oppose their counterparts, the Dark Creatures.


Light Creatures are normally healers, nurturers, etc. However they are still dangerous, and even though labeled "light", they are sometimes not strictly "good." They often help mortals, like how the fairies take care of the garden, or how the brownies mend and repair. Most Light Creatures serve or respect the Fairy Queen, and quarrel with darker creatures like the demons. Otherwise, even though affiliated with light, they can still severely harm people. (Such as naiads, who drown people for amusement. Or the Fairy Queen, who strikes down trespassers.)

The most peaceful of the light creatures often leave mortals alone, unless provoked. They can still harm and exact punishments as harsh as their counterparts'. But since they are generally gentle in behavior, they aren't as restricted as the demons or undead.

Many of the Light Creatures inhabit the Fairy Realm, including ones possible not seen elsewhere on Earth.


Light Creatures are commonly helpers. They can heal injuries, cure maladies, and soothe pain. Light Creatures can also influence their surroundings, such as the fairies, who make the gardens flourish. Some represent nature itself, the dryads and naids as examples. Some are talented in building and crafting. However, they can also inflict curses and damage on their enemies.


Fairystruck (or rarely, Fairykind) are mortal individiduals who have been assigned trust by the Fairy Queen. Fairystruck and Fairykind are considered servants of good, and are well respected by the light creatures. In addition to their status, they have powers such as night vision, resistance to mind control, etc. They can freely interact with creatures of light, and by some extent, control them.

Known Light Creatures