Light Creatures are creatures that are light by nature. Light Creatures are capable of good deeds but do not issue them for the right reasons. Brownies for example, mend things because they like mending things, they do not do it to help others. Some of the Light Creatures inhabit the Fairy Realm. Fairies in the fairy realm tend to be full sized, about the size of your average human.


Being Fairystruck means that the Fairies have shared their magic with you. The situation is similar to being Fairykind but to a lesser degree, such as being able to speak several languages related to Silvian, the Fairy Language, and not needing to drink the Magical Milk to see magical creatures.

A few fairstrucks we know or are Tess and Patton Burgess. Patton did it under the guidance of his aunt, well Tess did it unknowingly by flattering the fairies.


Becoming Fairykind means that the Fairy Queen and her Fairies have infused a person with their magic. Well fairystruck is an achievement, fairykind is one of the highest honors and comes with much more.

So far, we only know of one fairykind, Kendra Sorenson.

By becoming fairykind, one of their title’s is the fairy queen’s handmaiden. Using this authority they can make commands in the queen’s name. Creatures of light have almost no power to resist against and therefor this authority is not to be taken lightly.

Having the status as Fairykind means that you have many magical abilities such as night vision, immunity to mind control, authority over Fairies, and much more.

One of the most noticeable powers was that you are a battery of magical energy. This energy can be used to charge items or enchant their power. They can also use this to transfer light energy. A few examples that we have been given are the following:

  • When Kendra the fairykind became in direct contact with Raxtus, the fairy dragon she gave him a shine and satisfaction. The power helped Raxtus gain energy as well.
  • Kendra the fairykind also passed on light to the fairies which they spread amongst themselves, encasing them in a glow and making them even more radiant.

Known Light Creatures


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