Light Creatures are creatures that are light by nature. Light Creatures are capable of good deeds but do not issue them for the right reasons, Brownies for example, they mend things because they like mending things, they do not do it to help others. Some of the Light Creatures inhabit the Fairy Realm.


Being Fairystruck means that the Fairies have shared their magic with you. The situation is similar to being Fairykind but to a lesser degree, such as being able to speak several languages related to Silvian, the Fairy Language, and not needing to drink the Magical Milk to see magical creatures.


Becoming Fairykind means that the Fairy Queen and her Fairies have infused a person with their magic. Having the status as Fairykind means that you have many magical abilities such as night vision, immunity to mind control, authority over Fairies, and much more.

Known Light Creatures


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