Living Mirage is one of the five secret preserves, located in eastern Turkey, and is arguably the most successfully hidden preserve in the world. The Vault at Living Mirage contained the Font of Immortality which was found by the the Sphinx, who took over this preserve centuries ago. The last Stingbulb tree is located in Living Mirage.

At the end of the series, Agad became the new caretaker of Living Mirage.

The current caretaker is unkown, since Agad took over Soaring Cliffs.

Creatures Found in Living Mirage

Magical Items found in Living Mirage


Beckoning Grove

The Beckoning Grove is a grove of incredibly dangerous fruit found at Living Mirage. The scent of the Grove is intoxicating, but each fruit, once eaten, will cause a horrible and painful death. The trees and their fruit is painted in colorful shades, ranging from deep blue to fiery red. In Keys to the Demon Prison, Warren, Bracken, and Kendra have to go through the grove at one point.


The dungeon is massive underground labyrinth filled with tunnels linking cells behind the walls. The Dungeon is home to Nagi Luna and Bracken (formerly).

Sealed Shrine

The Sealed Shrine of the Fairy Queen exists in Living Mirage, the Shrine got sealed up centuries ago by the Sphinx to prevent the Fairy Queen to find out about Living Mirage. A real Sphinx guards the opening to the Shrine, posted there by the Sphinx.


The Vault at Living Mirage is only barely mentioned in the series. The Sphinx retrieved the hidden artifact from the vault centuries ago, it turned out to be the Font of Immortality.


The Ziggurats on the preserve has three step pyramids. The main Ziggurat is home to the caretaker and the Dungeon. On the higher floors it seems to lavishly decorated.


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