Lomo, son of Targon, is one of the Fair Folk from Terrabelle and the most outspoken against his race's policies of being neutral.


Lomo went as far as leaving Terrabelle and joining the Knights of the Dawn, doing work for them for some time. However, The Sphinx sent a letter to Lord Dalgorel complaining about Lomo's involvment againt the Demons violating the Fair Folk's policy of neutrality, threatening to call the policy into question if Dalgorel didn't deal with Lomo.

Dalgorel dispatched some talented agents to bring Lomo back to Terrabelle where they imprisoned him. Lomo tried to evade them but had been unwilling to fight them.

Lomo had the option of being freed from prison under probation but only if he formally vowed to abide by his race's neutral ways, and he utterly refused. He didn't really try to escape as his incarceration was a way to protest, to promote thought and discussion amongst his countrymen that might not happen otherwise.


Lomo is just passingly mentioned being imprisoned in the Dungeon of Terrabelle.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Lomo helps Kendra, Seth, Tanu, and Knox to enter Stormguard Castle and receive the Wizenstone. After he and Seth entered the room where they lost their memories, Lomo likely got turned into gold or silver, but since the curse is broken, he should now be in his regular state.


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