Lost Mesa is one of the secret preserves and is located in Arizona's desert. Lost Mesa's main feature is the Painted Mesa, where the bulk of its magical creatures are kept. Paths up the Painted Mesa are normally kept hidden. These paths include the Flooded Stairs, the Twilight Way and the Festival Road. Lost Mesa also boasts the Museum of Unnatural History. Skeletons of deceased magical creatures are kept there, including a complete Dragon skeleton.

The preserve has been run by the natives over the centuries, and, due to their culture, there has always been a female caretaker. The preserve was founded long ago by persian Wizards.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Lost Mesa is featured in Book 3 as the place of importance for both the Knights of the Dawn, and the Society of the Evening Star since it is one of the secret preserves. The mission to recover the artifact that was hidden there, the Chronometer, ended up being pointless, as the artifact had been moved many decades before by Patton Burgess to Fablehaven. In the end of the book, it is revealed that Lost Mesa had fallen shortly after Kendra and Warren's visit there.

It is unknown if, but possible, the preserve was restored after Keys to the Demon Prison.

Creatures found in Lost Mesa

Magical Items found in Lost Mesa


Museum of Unnatural History

The Museum of Unnatural History is a museum in the Lost Mesa preserve. Inside the museum, there are multiple skeletons of mythical creatures. Some of the skeletons are the bones of a Mesopotamian Triclops and a Dragon that some people believe to be Ranticus, the dragon that Patton Burgess slew to get the Chronometer inside the Painted Mesa. During the fall of the Lost Mesa the Dragon inside the Museum came to life and caused a lot of destruction. The resurrection of the Dragon was believed to have been caused by a very powerful Viviblix, Mr. Lich. Chalize was also set free and contributed to the mayhem.

Painted Mesa

The Painted Mesa is a large mesa surrounded by a magical, heavy atmosphere in the Lost Mesa preserve. The mesa has few paths going up it, most of which appear rarely and only under certain conditions, of which include the Flooded Stairs, the Twilight Way, and the Festival Road.

Once you get to the top, you could potentially run into some ancient magical creatures named Kachinas near the ruins, who cannot be harmed by modern technology, but can be killed by ancient axes, spears, etc.

Down under the ruins, there are traps designed to keep you out, but once you make it all the way, it is easy getting back, although you might run onto the creatures again.

It was here where Kendra got her Rain Stick from a coyote-man that Gavin Rose defeated.

Festival Road

The Festival Road is a path up the Painted Mesa in the Lost Mesa preserve appearing in Grip of the Shadow Plague. It is one of the few ways that one can ascend to Painted Mesa from Lost Mesa. The Festival Road only opens up on Festival Nights like Midsummer's Eve and the winter solstice, hence the name. Although it is very reliable, creatures are able to roam freely on that night, which increases the danger of the path and even the Painted Mesa as a whole. When Kendra and Warren visited, they were not able to travel this path, as there was no near Festival Night, forcing them to take the Flooded Stairs.

Flooded Stairs

The Flooded Stairs are a pathway up the Painted Mesa which can only be seen by a person immune to magical confusion due to there being a powerful Distracter Spell when rain washes down the stairs. Kendra and Warren use this path to get to the top of the Painted Mesa to find the secret artifact.

Old Weather Room

The Old Weather Room is located atop the Painted Mesa at the Lost Mesa preserve. It houses the opening to the vault that once held the Chronometer, one of the keys to Zzyzx. Neil thought that the Weather Room would protect against sinister beings, but it didn't stop the Kachinas to go after them inside of there.

Twilight Way

The Twilight Way is a path up the Painted Mesa. It can only be seen at sunset, and disappears and reappears for long periods of time. The path is the original path that Warren, Kendra, and the other Knights of the Dawn planned to take up the mesa to get the secret artifact.

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