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Maddox Fisk is one of Stan Sorenson's friends, brother of Dougan Fisk, and works as a fairy broker, among other things, which means that he catches and sells or trades fairies. He is taller than Stan and is much broader, with curly brown hair. The layers of furry skins he wears make him look like a mountain man. He is missing the bottom of one earlobe. He presents to the Sorensons his collection of fairies that he had gathered from around the world. His most prized one is a Jinn Harp, of which there was thought to have only been one in the world.


He trades various fairies with Stan Sorenson.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

It is mentioned that Maddox went on a mission to a fallen preserve in Brazil and has not been heard from since. Tanu went to search for him, but did not succeed in finding him. Tanu did, however, leave a tub behind that exists in the same time and space as an identical tub in the attic in Fablehaven.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

In book 4, a stingbulb copy of Maddox's gets into the tub, and is pulled out by Mendigo.

Keys to the Demon Prison

In book five, Maddox is found in the dungeon of the Living Mirage preserve. He has befriended the unicorn Bracken, and urges Seth to trust the unicorn.