Mara is introduced in the third book as the daughter of Rosa, who was caretaker of the Lost Mesa (One of the five secret preserves). She is very serious and she doesn't talk much. Her knowledge about the vault housing the secret artifact on the preserve appears to be extensive, since she had knowledge of a pathway up that had not appeared for over a hundred years. She and her father Hal are the only known people who survived the fall of the Lost Mesa, which occured shortly after the mission to retrieve the artifact from the Painted Mesa. After the fall of the Lost Mesa and the death of her mother, she seeks revenge on the Society of the Evening Star. To help her attain this goal she joins the Knights of the Dawn and quickly rises though the ranks.

In the fourth book she travels to Wyrmroost with Kendra, Warren, Gavin, Trask, Tanu and Dougan. It is revealed in the fourth book that Mara can tame certain magical creatures, like perytons and dragons. Near the end of the fourth book she is attacked by Navarog and falls off a cliff, but ends up surviving. 

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