Minotaurs inhabit Fablehaven and is home to approximately two dozen of them. Part man, part bull, these beasts stand a head taller than most men and come in various shades of fur, from chestnut brown to black. They have wide horns, a bulky musculature, and reek like livestock. The minotaur has an acute sense of smell. It is extremely strong and prefers heavy weapons such as the mace and battle-axes. These hefty weapons can slow down a minotaur, giving quick opponents and advantage.

In Rise of the Evening Star, Warren fights one who is placed to guard the way to the artifact in the Inverted Tower. Warren narrowly survives and manages to kill it.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, several are stationed to guard Kurisock's domain at the battle between light and dark creatures.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, a horde of them are killed by Bracken while trying to kill Civia.

In Dragonwatch, we get introduced to three new minotaurs at Blackwell Keep at Wyrmroost; Brunwin, Romnus, and Tonak (who is a traitor). Brunwin helps Seth fulfill his plan to get Knox to get the scepter from Henrick in the Road House.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, Brunwin helps Kendra chase Mendigo, who stole the barrel, but fails and Mendigo gets away.

Minotaurs may be related to the taurans.