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Mirav was a powerful gold-skinned wizard with a history in India. The slender man wore a cape and a turban, with beads, bones, and bits of twine decorating his braided beard. An evil and ancient wizard, Mirav was a leader among the Society of the Evening Star. Direct sunlight was fatal to him, so he could only be outdoors under the cover of night or overcast skies.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Mirav captured both Berrigan and Mara in enchanted chains while trapping an injured Seth in a bottle, bringing him to the Sphinx at Living Mirage.

Later, Nagi Luna communicated with Mirav through the Oculus to implement a plan to free both herself and Graulas from imprisonment. She ordered Mirav to give the Sands of Sanctity and the Translocator to Seth in order for him to heal Graulas. When healed, the demon took over the Society of the Evening Star. Under the new leadership of Graulas, Mirav assisted in killing the Eternals. He was finally slain by Bracken when he unknowingly brought him his second horn.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magical transmogrification: Mirav could turn regular items, such as swords, knives, and arrows, to dust.
  • Powerful spells: Mirav could summon complicated enchantments such as invisible barriers, trapping gaseous beings in bottles, and creating enchanted chains. 


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