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Morisant the Magnificent was once a powerful wizard and mentor to Agad, and himself was trained by Konrad the Legender to become a Dragon Slayer; Morisant himself slew 17 dragons. He was the eldest of the wizards that created Zzyzx and the owner of the sword Vasilis. Accidentally becoming a corrupt, decrepit zombie when attempting to cheat death, Morisant had his whole body, except his head and one arm, turned to stone, he was imprisoned behind the Totem Wall by his colleagues.


Once the chief architect of Zzyzx, this wizard turned himself into one of the undead in order to prolong his life, but something was lost and, although he did manage to sustain most of his intellect, certain sensitivities abandoned him. Becoming a zombie with a decaying, corroded body, this once-powerful wizard admitted that his pitiful state was a result of hubris.

As his quest for power spun out of control, he became a threat to the safety of the world, and his most trusted colleagues were forced to put him in prison and in the process, turned him largely into stone. He refused to give up his sword Vasilis, and as the other wizards lacked the power to take it, Morisant was hidden away and became the guardian of the sword he wielded in life.

Though at the end of his life, he recognized his mistakes and mastered his inability to slake his appetites, his nature is fundamentally corrupted. He wished to undo the perversions he had wrought before it was too late.

Keys to the Demon Prison

When Seth arrived at the final chamber beyond the Alder Door, Morisant telepathically examined Seth and found him worthy to take possession of Vasilis. He gave up the sword on the condition that Seth ended his and the Standing Dead's suffering. Seth agreed, and Morisant was slain by the sword he once wielded in life. Per his request, Seth forwarded a message from the wizard to Agad and Bracken to make sure they knew Morisant held no grudges against them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Creating and controlling the Standing Dead: Morisant could create undead slaves that he had the ability to control.
  • Mentally igniting and extinguishing torches: Morisant could, at will, extinguish or ignite a torch.
  • Telepathy: Morisant could communicate telepathically.
  • Unknown single-word killing curse: Morisant claimed to be able to slay Seth with a single word after Seth entered his domain.