Mr. Lich is a tall Asian man and the Sphinx's right hand. He was the world's most powerful Viviblix at his time, and, like the Sphinx, he sips from the Font of Immortality to stay alive. The Sphinx slays Mr. Lich when he sides with the Demons against him.

In Rise of the Evening Star, Mr. Lich leads Ruth Sorensen, Seth, and Kendra to the Sphinx.

In Grip of the Shadow Plague, Mr. Lich were involved in the falling of Lost Mesa, resurrecting the skeleton of the Dragon Ranticus.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Mr. Lich accompanies the Sphinx when he forces Kendra to use the Oculus.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, he sent a horde of Zombies for stopping the little group of Knights of the Dawn that were triyng to get the Translocator at Obsidian Waste. Mr. Lich disappears after the Sphinx reaveals himself as a traitor, he is later slain by the Sphinx when he sides with Graulas against the Sphinx.


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