Nafia is an enormous dragon, roughly the size of a whale. Her body is covered witch scales of shining blue and violet. Elaborate spines and ridges project from her head. Her eyes are like jewels lit by a radiant inner fire, enhancing her mesmerizing gaze. According to Agad, Nafia had a habit of eating her offspring.

Nafia's human avatar, Nyssa, is a tall, beautiful woman with aristocratic features - chiseled cheekbones, flawless skin, imperious eyes, and a lithe frame. One of her most striking features is her lustrous, silvery-blue hair. Though much older in reality, she appears somewhere in her mid-twenties and carries herself with casual confidence.


Agad revealed that she is the mother of Chalize, whose egg was stolen by Patton Burgess to preserve the egg and to replace Ranticus as the guardian of the Lost Mesa vault.

At some point, Nafia had also met the dragon Navarog centuries ago.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Nafia confronted Kendra and Seth after they interrupted her peryton hunt. Together, as newly discovered dragon tamers, they managed to keep her from eating them long enough for Gavin to arrive, who used his status as the dragon Navarog, to convince Nafia to spare them.

She appeared to the Knights later in human form, calling herself Nyssa and offering assistance. They declined, not wanting to reveal their final destination: the Dragon Temple. When Navarog revealed himself to Kendra, he enlisted Nafia's help to guard the entrance to Sidestep Cleft.


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