Nagi Luna was an ancient demon who was imprisoned in the Quiet Box at Living Mirage. Arguably the most feared demon outside Zzyzx, she could see things beyond her ordinary field of vision and could control the bodies of those who were to weak to resist her. She also had the power to turn the dust of the earth into enchanted items, such as fatally poisonous needles.

Though at first glance she appeared to be a frail, old woman with a woolen shawl draped over her hunched form, a more attentive observer would've noted that her yellow eyes was a strangely slanted shape, her thin earlobes sagged almost to her shoulders, and her demented grin revealed ragged, inflamed gums. Her blotchy skin was purple and maroon, and she had gray claws at the end of her gnarled hands.


Many centuries ago, Nagi Luna was imprisoned in the Quiet Box and put inside a ring of constraint in the Living Mirage dungeon. Years later, the Sphinx ventured down to her cell, accompanied by Funi and the chief jailer's assistant, and forced Funi to release her from the Quiet Box. Immediately, Nagi Luna took control over Funi and attacked the Sphinx, fighting with inhuman strength and ferocity, heedless of injuries. The Sphinx was forced to slay Funi.

After her release, Nagi Luna taught the Sphinx what he needed to know in order to overthrow the caretakers of Living Mirage, and made him into a shadow charmer. She also proved essential in uncovering the Font of Immortality.

She was also the being that allowed the Sphinx to use the Oculus safely, and, in so doing, she was able to use the power of the artifact to communicate with Graulas at Fablehaven.

Keys to the Demon Prison

The Sphinx brought Seth to Nagi Luna's cell. There, the demon examined Seth, confirming that he would actually give the Translocator and the Sands of Sanctity to Graulas if given the chance.

She commanded the wizard Mirav to lend Seth both of the artifacts in his cell, an act that would eventually unravel the Sphinx's control of the Society of the Evening Star. As Graulas took over the Society, he freed Nagi Luna and placed the Oculus in her hands. With her now even more extended view, locating the Eternals was a simple task. She and Graulas sent many of their most powerful members to kill the Eternals, including Mirav and the Gray Assassin.

Nagi Luna was finally slain by Seth after she opened Zzyzx, receiving the legenadary sword Vasilis through her back.

Powers and Abilities

  • Clairvoyance: Nagi Luna was extremely clairvoyant and could perceive events in the future.
  • Creating magical items: Nagi Luna could create powerful items such as a needle that would kill someone the day after they were pricked.
  • Extended vision: Nagi Luna could view events outside her ordinary field of vision, even without the aid of the Oculus.
  • Mind control: Nagi Luna could control those whose wills were not strong enough to resist.


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