are freshwater nymphs. They can become mortal by exiting the body of water in which they live. In the water, naiads drown people for sport and they keep relics they find and the bones of their victims in an underwater cave. When immortal, they live like they will never die, treating everything and everyone else like they only live for a day. But when mortal, they age slowly but act like humans. Naiads live for millennia, and are not truly aware of time. They seem to have some similarities with the Ondine from mythology.
Naiad hand

A naiad grabbing a bowl out of the water.


Naids can be very rude at times, and they like to play feisty tricks. They are also very conceited. When Kendra talks to them, they talk to each other, insulting her, like she isn't even there. Some Naiads can be kind, such as Lena. They are never aware of the future of past, and are instead always looking for amusement. They have no self-awareness. However, when the become mortal, they gain the knowledge of morality. They become more aware of time. They love singing sweet, naiadic tunes.


The Naiads are very beautiful yet they aren't kind. Since they never age in the water, they are always pretty and they possess an otherworldly beauty. As water nymphs and aquatic creatures, their bodies are adapted to living in water and they have thin, translucent webs between their fingers and toes. One was described to have blonde hair and a heart-shaped face in one of the earlier books. The Naiad that grabbed the silver fairy bowl out of the water had pale skin. Naiads can also resemble mortal women of different nations like Lena who had asian facial characteristics.

Known Naiads

  • Lena Burgess
  • Jayka
  • Hyree
  • Pina
  • Zolie
  • Frindle
  • Ulline
  • Chiatra
  • Narinda
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