The Naiad Pond at Fablehaven encircles the small island in the middle that has the Fairy Queen's shrine. The naiads Ulline, Pina, Jayka, Hyree, Zolie, Frindle, Chiatra, Narinda, and formerly Lena Burgess, guard the shrine by drowning all trespassers, as commanded by the Fairy Queen, unless she directs them to safely escort favored guests to or from the island. Around the pond are a dozen pristine, whitewashed gazebos connected by a boardwalk.

In his pursuit to woo Lena, Patton Burgess built a sturdy wooden boathouse and pier between a pair of gazebos. After years of trying to win her affection, he carelessly leans too far over his boat and gets dragged into the pond, prompting Lena to renounce immortality and save him. Lena mentions that at the bottom of the pond, the naiads have a collection of bones and trinkets they keep as trophies.


Kendra and Seth first discover the pond before trying the milk, which appears to be filled with a number of exotic animals. In her haste to escape from Muriel at the Forgotten Chapel, Kendra decided to risk enlisting help from the Fairy Queen to counter Bahumat's escape, and the Queen gives her the bowl of tears and the charge to create the elixir to augment the fairies. Muriel sends Mendigo to capture Kendra, and she breaks her treaty-given immunity by throwing Mendigo into the pond, who is shortly dragged to the bottom by the naiads. After the battle, Grandpa Sorenson tells Kendra to toss the bowl back in the water for the naiads to return it to the Queen.

Rise of the Evening Star

While on the run from Vanessa and Errol, Kendra goes to the pond but does not approach the shrine, claiming something "simply felt wrong." Instead, she calls to the naiads, who release Mendigo, still under the orders of Muriel.

Grip of the Shadow Plague


Because of the power radiating from the Fairy Queen's shrine, the area within the hedges around the pond became a refuge for creatures of light during the shadow plague. When Patton journeys forward through time and again convinces Lena to leave the pond, she brings with her the bowl from the shrine, which Kendra uses as an excuse to safely approach the Fairy Queen again. The Queen transfers the power of the shrine into the pebble, ending the permanent sanctuary of the pond.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Raxtus tells Kendra at Wyrmroost that he often sneaks into Fablehaven at night by travelling between Fairy shrines, until the shrine at Fablehaven was destroyed.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Not long after returning to the newly restored preserve after the Battle of Zzyzx, Bracken and the Fairy Queen reestablish the connection to the Fairy Realm.


Kendra is invited by Bracken to tour the new Fairy Realm for the first time. The Fablehaven shrine is the first to be restored after the Battle of Zzyzx.

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