Nero is a Cliff Troll that Ruth, Kendra, and Seth go to for information on the location of Grandpa and Lena in book one. He has ownership of a seeing stone that allows him to look into any part of Fablehaven. He is devious and greedy, but helpful in the end of the book. Grandpa was said to have asked his help in the past (Grandma says this), though the first enncounter with Kendra and Seth is when he is convinced to give his information in exchange for a massage. Grandma and Grandpa go to him for help in book three, but he is not seen by Kendra or Seth. In book four, he trains Seth how to use his newly-found powers. In the final book, Seth finds him raiding the old house and sends him off, pretending to have orders from Graulus. Hugo picks him up and hurls him across the yard, but fortunately, the webbing between his limbs allows him to glide and then somersault to safety.



Nero is very greedy, and one of his greatest pleasures is gaining more gold. He uses his seeing stone as a way to gain more riches, through trade with people who need information. Nero is devious, and forces his visitors to go through a test of worthiness before they can negotiate a deal. He fears, and therefore serves, the demon Graulus, and helps to train Seth with his new Shadow-Charmer powers.

Physical Appearance

Nero is a humanoid reptile. He has black scales and yellow-green stripes along his back, and across his arms and legs. He also has yellow reptilian eyes.


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