Newel and Doren are a pair of Satyrs that Kendra and Seth meet in the woods while they were trying to steal from an ogress. They are best friends and have appointed themselves as the supreme over lords of the Nipsies. Also they are addicted to their Portable TV that uses C batteries. In the third book, Newel is infected by the Shadow Plague, becoming a darkened satyr with a goat face. He tries to infect Doren, but he escapes to the Pond. The two are united later, after the plague ends, and Newel turns back.


In the fourth book, they give Seth a breastplate of Adamant, a magical metal that's indestructible, in exchange for promised 120 C batteries. Later, Seth gives it to Kendra because it is too small for him.The breastplate later proved to be useful as it saved Kendra's life. In book 5 they go with Seth, Vanessa, and Hugo to find the Singing Sisters and the sword Vasilis. They are present at the opening of Zzyzx while they charge into battle with long knives to save TV and Frito-Lay. They were present at the death of the demon king, Gorgrog.

Fablehaven Series


Newel is first seen after Doren brings Kendra and Seth to him after being chased by an Ogress.


Newel, like all other satyrs, is a hairy half man-half goat creature. Unlike his friend Doren, Newel has redder hair and slightly longer horns.

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