Nipsies are tiny creatures are the smallest of the fairy folk. They are related to brownies but are only a fraction of their height. Like brownies, they are master artisans but instead of mending, salvaging and recycling nipsies tend to create from scratch, using natural resources to acquire their raw materials. They are fascinated by shiny metal and stones and have a knack for finding them. Though they cast no magic spells and are not known as being aggressive, they are adept at preparing traps and planting venomous, carnivorous vegetation.

Physical Description

Nipsies are described as being a quarter inch tall, with no difference from human appearance with the exception of their miniscule height.

Dark Nipsies

Nipses are the first creatures known to be affected by the Shadow Plague in Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague.. When converted, their skin turns gray, their eyes become bloodred, and they sprout fangs. The 6th and the 7th kingdom were the first two kingdoms to be affected by the Shadow Plague, becoming warlike and attacking the other kingdoms.