Obsidian Waste is located in Australia and is one of the five secret preserves containing the Translocator, one of keys to open Zzyzx. It was named because of the artifact's hiding place, a huge obsidian monolith, which due to powerful enchantments is unscratchable. This stone is also known as the Dreamstone. To Kendra, who is fairykind, it emits a pure white light.

Keys to the Demon Prison

A team is assembled to retrieve the Translocator from the vault at Obsidian Waste, the Dreamstone.

The Dreamstone is magical and contains passages that are designed to trap the person who goes in. Light comes out of the walls that is bright enough to see by.

At one point, you are required to build a statue out of clay that can destroy another statue in order to place the key into the keyhole and continue.

There is a large body of water somewhere in it, and at the center there is an island. The only way to get to the island is a rickety canoe, and the water is boiling hot. When the key is placed into the keyhole, the water turns cool and a tidal wave comes in, making the water level rise until the only escape is a small chute off to one side. Up that chute is a branch that can be swum down. At the end is a keyhole. When that keyhole is opened, the water level lowers and the water freezes. There is then a door that allows continuation.

At the center, there is a mechanical lion and two machanical bulls. The final keyhole is under the lions chin. The key's final shell will fall away and the Translocator will be revealed.

Creatures found in Obsidian Waste

Magical Items found in Obsidian Waste



The Dreamstone is a large, obsidian stone located in the Obsidian Waste preserve in Australia. It gave the preserve its name, and held the Translocator. It is described as being gigantic, and Kendra could see colorful light reflect off of it. Any attempts to harm it have proven unsuccessful.

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