Peredor is one of the ninety astrids to battle at Zzyzx. He was one of the six astrids to renounce the Fairy Queen, but he then returned to her during the battle of the Zzyzx. He carries a war hammer and a brace of long knives across his waist.

Peredor was apart of the Knights of the Dawn, a group made up of all the astrids designed to protect the Fairy King and Queen. But one day, they let their guard down, and the Demon King, Gorgrog, came and, what they thought, killed the Fairy King. Because of this, the Fairy Queen took away the astrid's power and banished them. Peredor and five others thought it was unfair that all the astrids had to be punished and not just the ones who had slipped up, so they renounced the Fairy Queen. But when all the astrids where being turned back to their original state by Kendra, Peredor and two other rebels came back. Peredor and Denwin were assigned to be Seth's bodyguards during the battle. Peredor then went with Targoron, Silvestrus, Seth, and the Sphinx to take back the Sands of Sanctity and the Oculus from Graulas and Nagi Luna. Peredor was then seen bashing his war hammer on the had of a stocky, bearded demon with blue skin and bright yellow eyes. He and the Sphinx then pried the dying Graulas' teeth from Seth, after Seth had killed him. He then started to clear away to Nagi Luna along with Seth, the Sphinx, Targoron, and Silvestrus. Peredor then carried Seth back to a unicorn to get healed on the battlefield. After the battle, he and the remaining astrids rejoined the Fairy Queen.

Peredor also helped escort Kendra to talk with the demon Jubaya along with Denwin and Bracken in the Fairy Realm.
Fablehaven book 5
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