Phantoms are a kind of Dark Creature in the class of Ethereal Entities. They are created out of deep tragedy, for example, if at person lost everything, a Phantom coulb be born. 

Rise of the Evening Star

Vanessa explains to Seth through Coulter that she believes the cursed being in the Grove guarding the Vault containing the secret artifact was a Phantom. There are several Phantoms imprisoned in the Hall of Dread at Fablehaven.

Keys to the Demon Prison

The Sphinx is mentioned to have several Phantoms.

Master of the Phantom Isle

The Phantom Dezia , who resided at the Crypt at Crescent Lagoon , came to an agreement with Seth . The agreement said that if Seth voved threw her Token in the Baba Loa Volcano, she would reveal all she knew about the Everbloom 's location. Ronodin and the Sphinx however, knew that Dezia hadn't told Seth all she knew about the flower, and exploited her using her Token . Her token was eventually destroyed when Seth broke the connection to her old Token and created a new one for the Phantom, destroying it immediately after.

Known Phantoms


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