This article is about the elder of the Pinaki. For the other elders, visit Elders (Nipsie), Elders (Fair Folk), or Elders (Sentient Wood).

The Elder of the Pinaki is an old man with clothes brightened with shells and feathers. The wizened elder lives on the island of Tiba Tiba in a long hut to the left of the Pinaki village at the Crescent Lagoon sanctuary. His dwelling is by far the largest in the community, and on the inside lies the heartstone, as well as five colorful birds that roost in the rafters.

Master of the Phantom Isle

The elder tried Seth using the heartstone when he arrived at Tiba Tiba, searching for the heat-repelling ointment. They came to the agreement that if Seth provided the tribe with a royal kingfisher, whose magical attributes are required to renew the ointment, the Pinaki would give him the ointment.


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