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This small, greenish pod is used by Norwegian pixies during winter hibernation. Once it has been properly treated and prepared, the pod can become an impervious shelter.

To activate this item, place it in the mouth and bite down. The cocoon includes everything needed to survive for up to thirty days - even underwater. Its moist inner walls are able to filter both oxygen and carbon dioxide and are edible. The cocoon provides sustenance in the form of mildly flavored water, a gooey, peanut-butter-like matter that tastes somewhat like eggnog, and a tasteless, chewy pulp.

Although the exterior casing of the cocoon is impenetrable from the outside, one may exit by simply pushing through its walls from the inside.


Coulter Dixon was the original owner of a pixie cocoon. He later gives it to Seth to help protect him from a Revenant. It also helps to protect him from Olloch the Glutton.

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