Raxtus is a small silvery Dragon and a friend of Kendra and Seth. He is the son of Celebrant, king of the Dragons.

Raxtus is the formerly estranged son of Celebrant. Though his father was ashamed of him for many years due to his un-dragonly appearance and abilities, in Keys to the Demon Prison, Celebrant trusts him enough to have him come along to help fight the Demons. Raxtus's foster mother is Shiara, a fairy who lives at Fablehaven.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, Raxtus's mother, Raina, appears. She can't be Raxtus' biological mother, as he says in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary that his biological mother died when he was still and egg.

When Raxtus was still an egg, a Cockatrice got into the nest and ate three of his siblings. Before the Cockatrice could eat Raxtus, the Fairies intervened and saved him, then adopted and raised him. They gave him some of their magic, resulting in his unusual appearance and abilities.

In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Raxtus helped Kendra and her companions to get out of the canyons and to a Fairy Shrine. It is revealed that he has the abilities to speak to Astrids. He later helps Kendra again when he eats Gavin, who is revealed to be Navarog.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, Raxtus helped Kendra and her friends escape Living Mirage. He helped in the search for the Eternals and later in the battle against the Demons.

In Dragonwatch, Raxtus visits with Kendra at Blackwell Keep where he learns she and Seth are to become the new caretakers of Wyrmroost. Their visit is bittersweet as Raxtus, now a member of his father's personal guard, doesn't want Kendra to get involved in the matter of the Dragons' uprisings, but Kendra has to decline his advice. They are forced to cut their visit short when Raxtus hears his father coming and gives last-minute advice to Kendra before disappearing.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, Raxtus is sent to Blackwell Keep by his father to deliver an invitation to Kendra and Seth to the Feast of Welcome. Raxtus later saves Kendra from Celebrant and takes her to the Zowali Protectorate.

Raxtus was noted to be ashamed of himself due to the nature of his unusual upbringing among the Fairies. Raxtus' breath weapon allows him to accelerate the growth of that which he breathes on, whether it be plants, wound, or facial hair. Despite his small size, he has exceptionally sharp teeth, extremely hard scales, and the ability to become invisible. His nimble figure helps him becomes more adroit in the air, and he can absorb energy from Kendra's touch in a similar fashion to the Fairies.

After proving himself at the battle of Zzyzx, Raxtus is invited to join his father's personal guard, finally getting the recognition he'd always wanted. But it soon turns bitter as Raxtus finds himself caught in the middle between his friends and his own species.