Risenmay is one of the Greater Fairies, which according to Patton are a Fairy equivalent of a queen bee, and resides in the Bewilderness of Wyrmroost

She is taller than most Fairies (standing human sized) with brunette hair, wearing a white dress, and has elaborate wings. She has a very different perspective of mortality that makes her come off as callous to the lives that had been claimed by her domain though she doesn't actually bare malice towards mortals. As a Greater Fairy, she beholds magical powers regular fairies don't have, and has no insecurity, comparing her own kind the Greater Fairies to be what mortals call Fairy Godmothers, a term she considers quaint.

Risenmay reveals to Kendra that the Fairy Queen was not always the queen of the Fairies, and that one of her own kind, a Great Fairy, was the prior Fairy Queen, and compares the situation of the Fairies being ruled by a Unicorn to a scenario where the humans were led by a swan, which Kendra admits would be strange, even if the swan could assume human form like how the current Fairy Queen can assume a more Fairy-like form.

Patton met her once long ago, asking for her help, which she gave on the condition he never reveal to anyone the manner in which she helped him, which is her power to bestow wings. When Patton came to her, Risenmay bestowed wings upon Patton's mount, the Luvian Mickette. In addition, she can grant blessings that ward off Undead and serves as a powerful Distractor Spell.


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