Roon Osricson was one of the five Eternals that needed to be killed in order for Zzyzx to open.

Roon was the son of Osric. He was a master hunter, a giant of a man, had a magnificent beard, and liked mead. For centuries his house near Shipbreaker Pass in Finland (Shipbreaker Fjord), had served as his private hunting ground. He owned two other hunting grounds not far from his main home. On all of his properties he bred extremely dangerous game. People came to him to become his apprentice huntsmen. He told no one his secret. When attacked, most of his men perished, but one survived, a man named Jonas.

Roon died by the hand of the Society of the Evening Star's warriors, and Wizard after he was hit by a Phoenix feathered arrow. No one survived except for a man named Jonas who hid in the weapons room, and a Shape-Shifter called Niko, who faked death by healing internal wounds but leaving some external wounds.


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