Russ appears in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary at Torina Barker's house. He caught a glimpse of a flier advertising a rich and single woman. He scrambled to Torina's house for the offer. While captured, Kendra sees Russ enter, and she comes to warn him.  

Kendra knew that Torina was a Blix, but Russ didn't.  Torina notices Kendra trying to tell Russ the truth, and she laughs it off. Kendra is abruptly escorted by one of Torina's guards. She last sees that Torina bites Russ in the neck. His leg twitches, and he falls to the ground, his youth sucked up by Torina. 


  • It is said that Russ had long, dark brown hair.
  • He had a bushy mustache.
  • He had pale skin.
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