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[1]Satyrs are creatures who live in magical preserves like Fablehaven. They are half-man, half-goat. The satyrs are fast, and seem to have better hearing than humans. They can chat forever, but hate doing work. Some say they invented bad manners. Normally you'll find them playing games, having a festival, chatting, shirking work, or chasing flirty hamadryads. They hate having any responsibilities, and are the first to run when trouble hits. Even so, they'll do almost anything for entertainment. The two most prominently featured satyrs in the series are Newel and Doren. Another, younger satyr named Verl has a bit of a crush on Kendra, and is often teased for it. 


Most satyrs are very mischievous, and are said to have invented bad manners. They love to drink and party.

Physical Appearance

Without drinking magical milk or eating walrus butter, they simply appear as goats. But with the milk and butter, they turn out to be shirtless men with hairy chests. Each satyr has a pair of sharp horns above their forehead, and legs of a shaggy goat.

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