The Hidden Scepter

"Each scepter establishes a protected sovereign territory within Wyrmroost. Even if the sanctuary fell, the territories with scepters could still stand." - Marat in Dragonwatch

The Seven Scepters of Wyrmroost are magical objects located at the Dragon Sanctuary of Wyrmroost. They all protect a sovereign territory within Wyrmroost, and are powerful enough to stop a thunder (group) of fully grown Dragons. Marat describes their magical protection as powerful enough to protect their area even if Wyrmroost fell.

Dragonwatch mentions another scepter, by the name of Lost Scepter, which was said to have been lost when the Roost, aka Wyrmroost Castle fell. This scepter is never mentioned again, and along with the scepters in Wrath of the Dragon King, makes the total count of scepters 8. Because of this, this scepter might have been dropped from cannonity.



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