Scott Micheal Sorensen is father of Kendra and Seth Sorensen, the son of Stan and Ruth Sorensen, the caretakers of Fablehaven, and the husband of Marla Sorenson. His parents tried to hint at magical creatures to Scott, but he never caught on. In the first book, Scott and Marla left their kids, Kendra and Seth with his parents, Stan and Ruth, so Scott and his wife could go on a cruise. When they returned, Scott had gained considerable weight, resulting in a potbelly that he rubbed self-consciously, saying no one warned him about all the free desserts after Seth teased he must've ate a lot of snails.

By the end of the fourth book, it is revealed that, unfortunately, Scott and Marla were kiddnapped by the Society of the Evening Star.

At the end of the fifth book, they are rescued from Living Mirage and by then they are informed of the magical world, and Kendra and Seth's heroics. Scott and his wife end up moving in to Fablehaven, probably as an action to keep them safe in the future.

In Dragonwatch, He and Marla were going on a trip with Knox and Tess' parents, Pete and Zola.


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