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"I don't want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself."
—Seth to Calvin in the Master of the Phantom Isle

Seth Andrew[19] Michael[20] Sorenson is a shadow healer, formerly a shadow charmer, and one of the more famous humans in the magical community of modern times. He is the second child to Scott and Marla Sorenson (née Larsen), both originally oblivious to the existence of mystical creatures. When Seth was around eleven years old, he, along with his sister Kendra, learned of magical creatures during a stay at the house and preserve of their grandparents, Stan and Ruth. During his stay and against his grandfather's wishes, he opened his bedroom window during Midsummer's Eve, which led to his grandfather and the housekeeper, Lena, being abducted, while Dale, the groundskeeper, was turned into metal by the dark creatures of the preserve. Seth attempted to save his relatives later but was also taken prisoner. He was rescued not many hours afterward by his sister, though.

The next year, Seth visited the preserve, Fablehaven, again. There, he made friends with Vanessa Santoro, Tanugatoa Dufu, Coulter Dixon, and Warren Burgess. He later managed to subdue Olloch the Glutton after awakening him, defeat the revenant guarding the Inverted Tower, and became the first shadow charmer in many, many years. Seth became even more well-known when he helped stop the shadow plague, killed the dragon Siletta with his sister, and assisted in the successful attempt of navigating the Dreamstone and retrieving the Translocator. He also joined the Knights of the Dawn.

Seth played a key role in the Battle of Zzyzx. Vanessa, Hugo, Newel, and Doren accompanied him when he bargained with the Singing Sisters and the Totem Wall, who helped him locate Vasilis, the Sword of Light and Darkness. At the start of the battle, he slew the powerful demons Graulas and Nagi Luna using the sword. After being injured, he lent the blade to his sister, who killed Gorgrog, the Demon King. Before and during the conflict, Seth personally saw the deaths of Lena Burgess, Coulter Dixon, and dozens of empowered fairies and other magical creatures and learned that Dougan Fisk, Neil, and numerous others had fallen during the long war as well.

Only a few months after the battle was won, a new conflict had broken out with the dragons. Becoming a co-caretaker of Wyrmroost, Seth prevents the dragons from escaping their sanctuaries until he loses his memories during the events at Stormguard Castle. Being taken to the Under Realm by the dark unicorn Ronodin, he gets manipulated to side against his true allies, playing a key role in the downfall of Wyrmroost. He eventually sorts it out, though, thanks to the Hidden Sage, Calvin, and other benefactors.

Going to Titan Valley, another dragon sanctuary, he tries to figure out how to win Humbuggle's Games and recover his memories. He befriends Hermo, a hermit troll, Reggie, who turns out to be the memory of Merek, one of the Five Legendary Dragon Slayers, and Virgil, a satyr and researcher of the Games. He also finds Serena, Calvin's lover, and retrieves the Unforgiving Blade. Meeting up with Kendra and friends, he also raids the Dragon Temple and gets the Harp of Ages. By destroying the Harp, he wins the Games, and by doing so, gets his memories back, as well as the Wizenstone, which he then destroys. He is caught by Celebrant and imprisoned but Whiner, sent by the Singing Sisters, helps break him out by delivering him Vasilis as well as the task from the Sisters, which is to gather all the pieces of the Ethergem which include the Wizenstone, the Ethershard and the stones in the crowns of the Giant Queen, the Demon King and the Dragon King.


Early life

Seth was born to Scott and Marla Sorenson (née Larsen) in the 2000s or late 1990s. He was their second child after his sister Kendra and he lived a regular life in their house in Rochester, New York. During his first years in school, Seth did many daring things, such as climbing up in the bars under the bleachers at the high school. He also followed through on some intimidating dares - going down steep hills on his bike, fighting a kid two grades older, and eating live insects.

Arrival at Fablehaven

When Seth was around eleven, his aunt Kim, uncle Tuck, and grandma and grandpa Larsen had all died in an accident. Long ago, his maternal grandparents had specified that when they died, all their children and their spouses were to use an allocated sum of money to go on a seventeen-day Scandinavian cruise, to which the grandchildren were not invited. Instead, Seth and his sister were going to spend the time at their grandma and grandpa Sorenson's house.

Upon arriving, he met his grandfather and his grandfather's housekeeper and groundskeeper, Lena Burgess and Dale Burgess. His grandmother, Ruth, was, according to his grandfather, Stan, visiting their dying grandaunt Edna. After their parents left, Stan guided them to the attic bedroom, where they were going to sleep. The room was spacious, clean, and bright. It was filled with shelves crowded with children's books, freestanding wardrobes, tidy dressers, a unicorn rocking horse, multiple toy chests, and a hen in a cage. Seth was especially interested in the hen, Goldilocks, who he and his sister were assigned to feed and take care of while their grandmother was away. After a few minutes, Seth began examining the contents of a toy chest. The toys were old-fashioned but in excellent condition. He started playing around a bit before trying the telescope, which he did not know how to use. Stan also put forth two rules: don't go into the woods due to Lyme disease and don't enter the barn.

The next morning, at 8:43, Seth ate breakfast with his sister, his grandfather, and Lena. Afterward, he started swimming in the pool in the yard. After an initial splash fight, he and his sister had swimming-races across the pool. When they grew bored, they noticed dozens of hummingbirds, bumblebees, and butterflies swirling above a handheld mirror. Upon further investigation, they found out that the insects were only interested in their own reflections and not the mirror itself, which they thought were weird.

Exploring the woods

Disobeying his grandfather's rules, Seth decided that he was going to explore the Fablehaven forest. Wearing his camouflage shirt and bringing his emergency kit, he set off into the woods. He started following a faint trail that ran northeast from the house. After a while, a porcupine emerged on the way. It walked towards him, and Seth found it a bit odd how confident the animal was, though, by stomping and growling, he scared it away.

Seth visiting the hidden pond for the first time

Continuing through the woods, he found a big shed. When he peered inside, Seth found an old woman gnawing at a knot on a rope. The woman noticed him and immediately dropped the rope. She invited Seth into her shed, but he denied her. Instead, she brought out a limberjack she called Mendigo to show Seth, and later a narrow box that she told him to stick his hand into, though he refused again. Seth excused himself and bolted for the yard. He had just slowed when a small pebble struck him on the ear. A few moments later, he was hit again by an acorn. The next second, a huge tree-branch fell right beside him. He tried to run again, but something caught hold of his ankle and he tumbled to the ground. Seth scrambled to his feet and dashed onto the lawn and into the house.

That same day, he ventured into the forest again, this time finding a hidden, beautiful park. He stayed there for a little while, seeing monkeys and goats, then returning to get Kendra. Seth convinced his sister to follow him to the park, and as they arrived, they saw many more animals, including parrots, swans, and peacocks. When they returned, however, their grandfather found out about their exploration and gave them a day's house arrest as punishment, though he admitted that his preserve actually housed many wild and hazardous animals and that the ticks were not the real reason the woods were forbidden.

Discovering magical creatures

As Seth was swimming in the pool, his sister came and told him he needed to see something. He followed, and when they reached their destination, Kendra showed him a large pie tin full of milk. She convinced him to taste it, and after he did, he jumped to his feet, screaming and pointing. Suddenly, all of the hummingbirds, bumblebees, and butterflies had turned into glistering, gleaming fairies. As they both walked around in wonder, they passed around a corner, where they found their grandfather standing with his arms folded telling them that they needed to talk.

When they got to the study, Stan sat them down and told them about the magical milk and mystical creatures. Seth learned of the enchanted preserves, and that his grandfather was a caretaker of one, that the woods were not actually off-limits due to ticks or wild animals, but because of the more dangerous mystical creatures roaming the forest, and of the witch Muriel Taggert that Seth had previously met in his excursions. After the meeting, he attempted another adventure into the wild, but Kendra stopped him.

Stan had also expressed worry that he and his sister would fail to pick up on the clues he had left out for them to find. He was also concerned that they were not the right kind of people to discover a whole new world of magic, and didn't want to force any of that knowledge onto them. Despite his grandfather's worries, Seth adapted very well to the magical community.


The same day that Seth learned of magical creatures, a man he had never met before sat at the dinner table. The stranger introduced himself as Maddox Fisk and worked as a fairy broker. Seth was very intrigued by Maddox and asked if he needed an apprentice, though Maddox thought he was too young. A few minutes later, the subject of the Society of the Evening Star was brought up, and Seth learned that they were an organization working to overthrow the preserves.

After dinner, Seth and his sister were invited to see the fairies Maddox had captured on his various trips, which Seth was very excited about. They all headed for the study, where Seth found a seat on the floor. Maddox released the fairies to show them off, always one or a few at a time. First off, he showed a couple from a preserve on Timor. These included two tiny ones, another unusually large one, three with wings like stained glass, one with oily wings, and lastly, one with wings covered in fur, whom Seth commented on. Maddox informed him that it was a downy fountain sprite, which can only be found on the island of Roti.

The fairy broker continued to show off fairies, including three albino nightgrifters from Borneo, one with thorny wings and a tail, another with a chameleonic ability to match different backgrounds. The last fairy Maddox showed was a jinn harp, who are extremely rare; only two are known to exist. After the demonstration, Seth and Kendra were led to their attic bedroom, since they were not allowed to be present during the negotiations. Seth was unable to sleep due to the loudness below, and when he and his sister attempted to sneak downstairs, Lena was seated at the foot of the stairs, ushering them back. Eventually, he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he walked downstairs to see the aftermath of the festivities. Along with overturned and broken furniture, Seth discovered satyr prints.

Catching fairies

Being inspired by Maddox, Seth decided to empty a jar of jam to try to catch fairies in. He attempted to trap two of them using the pool skimmer, but he was unsuccessful since the fairies were too quick. He got into a brief argument with his sister before slashing down the skimmer again at a nearly invisible fairy, who dodged it. Seth developed a new strategy instead. He took out the empty jar and put the handheld mirror inside of it along with some other things. After a few minutes, three fairies entered the preserve and Seth pounced, slapping the lid onto the jar, managing to catch one of them.

Later that day, his grandfather showed him how much the fairies enjoyed the bubbles he blew. They turned many of them into interesting and unique shapes and sizes. After Kendra had fallen asleep that night, Seth took out the jar with the fairy inside. The fairy made pleading motions for him to let her out, and he decided he would let her go the next day. When he awoke in the morning he found a hairy tarantula in the fairy's place. Remembering he hadn't yet had milk that day, Seth returned, hoping the spider would be gone. Instead, the fairy had turned into an imp, which happens if they are kept inside overnight. He brought the jar with the imp to the bathroom where he poured it some hot chocolate containing the magical milk, though the creature escaped the container and fled down through the bathtub drain.

When Seth was sitting in the treehouse later, the other fairies began attacking him, causing the treehouse to fall and implode. He began running towards the house attempting to outrun the fairies, though they were too quick. Jumping into the pool after his sister directed him there, the horde of fairies attacked him an turned him into a deformed walrus. Realizing the severity of the situation, Stan took Seth to the witch Muriel Taggert. He dissolved her second-to-last knot, and Muriel subsequently transformed Seth into his old self again.

Midsummer Eve

On the 20th of June, Stan brought Seth and Kendra to the study to tell them that the summer solstice would occur the next day. He explained the significance of that date, that the borders shielding the yard of the house falls and magical creatures run wild, and ordered them not to look out the window. Their grandfather also informed them that they would wear earplugs and sleep in the attic bedroom as usual, since it offers extra protection, and that they would help prepare for the night in the morning.

The next day, Seth walked alongside Dale on a lane that led far away from the barn trying to get the man to reveal more about Midsummer Eve, but was unsuccessful. After reaching a rise, he spotted a golem harvesting a hayfield with a pair of gigantic scythes. Dale introduced the creature as Hugo, and that the golem followed any instructions given. Being permitted to give Hugo a command, Seth taught the golem how to do cartwheels, and he later carried both Seth and Dale to the greenhouse, where Kendra and Lena was. After being introduced to Kendra as well, Seth was allowed to make a second command. He told the golem to take one of the pumpkins in the greenhouse and throw it as hard as he could into the forest. Hugo obeyed, and the pumpkin soared out of sight over the treetops.

Later that day, Seth sat on one of the sofas waiting for Midsummer Eve to start. During a discussion, a mournful howl from outside interrupted the talking and made Stan usher him and his sister to their room. Around their beds, they found salt, that their grandfather explained would protect them further. When Stan exited, Seth attempted to go to sleep but instead started talking about looking out the window. After arguing with his sister for a bit, he pretended to go asleep again but decided to scare Kendra by jokingly closing his hands around her throat. Kendra got pretty angry, but after a few minutes of arguing again, Seth heard what he thought was a dragon, and ran to the window and pulled aside the curtains.

At first, he saw nothing except for the jack-O-lanterns on the roof. The fairies inhabiting the lanterns saw Seth and flew away due to them not liking him very much. A couple of minutes later, however, they saw a baby crying for help on the roof. A duo wolves were behind the infant, acting like they were about to attack. When the wolves charged, Seth threw open the window to save the baby, but immediately after it opened, the baby dove into the room, transforming into a goblin. The wolves also sailed through the open window with unnatural haste, turning into their regular forms as well. Seth dragged his sister to the beds to be within the protection of the salt and heroically saved the hen Goldilocks from the dark creatures too.

The dark creatures entering the house on Midsummer Eve

Seconds later, Dale entered the room with a shotgun, and the creatures converged on him and left the room. Kendra slammed the door shut on Dale's orders, and quickly returned to the bed. Seth, remorseful and terrified about what he had done, continued to hear voices of people calling for help all night. Eventually, he fell asleep, and when he woke up, Seth and his sister went downstairs to see the extent of the damage done to the house. He could find nobody in the house and he came to the conclusion that they had been abducted since there were signs of other creatures entering. Through a window, he saw Dale out on the lawn. As he approached the groundskeeper, he found that Dale had been turned into metal. Beside the statue, they discovered footprints from what appeared as some sort of birdlike creature. After he grabbed his emergency kit from his room, Seth, followed by his sister, began an attempt to track the creature in hopes of finding his grandfather and Lena.

As they followed the footprints on one of the paths, he noticed them diverging into the forest. Realizing it would take them hours to track the prints in the dense undergrowth of the woods, they decided to climb a hill to have a good overlook of their surroundings. On their way up the hill, Seth felt a faint smell, as if somebody was cooking. Upon further investigation, they found out that the smell originated from a chimney. He lowered a bucket into the chimney and it came up with a delicious stew. After Seth had tasted it, a satyr emerged from a bush wielding a knife and charging right at them. He threw a handful of salt on the attacking creature, but to no effect. It turned out though, that the satyr was not attacking them, and simply rescuing them from the ogress living nearby, who had heard them.

The satyr ushered them in behind a bush, and an instant later the ogress appeared. They waited until the ideal moment to escape and made an attempt while the creature's attention was directed elsewhere. She heard them running away and began chasing them. Seth, Kendra, and the satyr eventually reached a ravine where they entered a dark tunnel that was small enough that the ogress couldn't follow. After meeting up with a second satyr, they introduced themselves as Newel and Doren and explained that they were busy for the rest of the day when asked for help, but still aided Seth and Kendra by pointing the way back to the house.

When he and his sister got back, they heard a loud groan coming from inside the barn. Seth broke the door to the building and found a gigantic cow with a swollen udder inside. The cow had seemingly not been milked since before Midsummer Eve, and they decided to attempt to milk her themselves because if the cow got loose, they would have another problem on their hands. By jumping from a couple of A-frame ladders, they grabbed the teats, glided down, and landed on the ground, subsequently relieving the pressure of the udder. By repeating this process about one hundred times, they considered the job done, exited the barn, and went inside.

Release of Muriel Taggert

After eating a few sardine sandwiches, Seth and his sister decided to go to bed and rest until the next morning since they had been up for almost two days. On the attic floor, he found hundreds of Goldilocks' kernels arranged in a pattern that spelled out "I M GRAM". When asked if she really was their grandma, the hen bobbed her head, and then once again in confirmation. Doing further questioning, Seth and Kendra found out that the hen wanted them to bring her to the witch Muriel Taggert.

The next morning, Seth put the hen inside a burlap sack that he then transported in a wheelbarrow. They had previously discussed what they would give Muriel in return for transforming the hen back into their grandma, which included food and clothes. When they arrived at the witch's shack, she made it clear that she couldn't help them if they didn't untie her last knot and give her freedom, because she needed the power of the knot to perform the spell. Seth and Kendra eventually agreed to these terms and placed the hen on Muriel's threshold, untied the last knot, and watched the witch restore their grandmother into her normal shape.

An argument between Ruth and Muriel ensued, resulting in Muriel walking away and disappearing. Seth, his sister, and his grandmother began walking, and Ruth explained the consequences of the witch's freedom: that she would most likely attempt to free the feared demon Bahumat from his prison. Ruth was also convinced that Nero, the cliff troll, would be their only realistic chance to find Stan and Lena since he had a seeing stone.

Visiting Nero

As they walked towards Nero's lair, Ruth explained that they would have to bargain with the troll in order to receive the service of Stan and Lena's location. She also told them about being a chicken, and how she managed to muster enough concentration to converse with them both. They soon reached a ravine, in which his grandma said Nero lived. Seth, along with the other two, started climbing down the ravine, using the steep walls and several bushes for handholds. He got down before his sister and began smelling a cluster of blossoms but stopped when his grandmother clarified the danger of them.

The group proceeded in silence for a few hundred yards and eventually arrived at around twenty logs of increasing height leading from the bottom of the ravine to a rocky ledge about sixty feet off the ground. Seth's grandmother called for Nero, who replied that if they wanted to negotiate, they'd have to take the logs up. Ruth objected with naming the ladder that he had used previously for visitors, though the cliff troll refused to let them use it. After discussing back and forth for a while, they came to the agreement that if one of them scaled the logs, Nero would lower the rope ladder for the remaining two. Seth volunteered to be the one climbing the logs, but his grandmother denied his offer. Still convinced that he should be the one taking the difficult way, he disobeyed Ruth's instructions and ran for the lowest log and started climbing. At first, he did a good job jumping from log to log, but as he got higher, the stems became less steady. When he landed on the seventeenth, he wobbled a bit but regained balance. On the eighteenth, he landed awkwardly, leaning too far to one side, and fell. Nero saved Seth by making a chain catch his leg, swinging him into the ravine's wall instead of landing on the ground. After hauling Seth up, the troll let down the ladder.

When Kendra and Ruth got up, they first thanked Nero for saving Seth, and then his grandma and the troll started bargaining. Nero put forth the offer of six coffers of gold, twelve puncheons of silver, three casks of uncut gems, and a bucket of opals. Ruth, who didn't possess such wealth, instead offered a service. The cliff troll suggested Seth be his servant for fifty years, to which his grandmother countered with proposing a massage. At first, Nero found the idea ridiculous, but after receiving a three-minute sample, he agreed to a full ninety-minute one in exchange for revealing the location of Stan and Lena.

Seth, along with Kendra, received instructions on how to massage the troll's legs and feet. After nearly a hundred minutes, they finished, and Nero exited the room to return with the information they sought. Seth was eager to see the seeing stone, but Ruth told him to wait patiently. The troll returned shortly with the announcement that Stan and Lena had been chained in the basement of the Forgotten Chapel. Ruth seemed to take this as particularly bad news, and they left Nero's lair by climbing down the ladder.

Getting captured

As they were walking back to the house, Ruth told them a little about Warren, Dale's brother, and a bit of history of the Fablehaven preserve. Seth and the other two reached the house in the late afternoon. When his grandmother reached the porch, she picked up a copper triangle and used it to call for Hugo, and when they got inside, she picked up a metal lunch box with photographs of every room of the house from different angles. Since the house was utterly ruined from Midsummer Eve, they left the photographs for the brownies to repair it.

After inspecting Dale for a moment, where his grandma concluded that she could not help him right then, she told Seth and his sister about the secret attic room, which can be accessed through a closet in the master bathroom. When they reached the attic, Ruth gave them a little more history and told them the significance of Fablehaven, as it housed one of the five secret artifacts, as well as retrieved a small crossbow with a silver arrow from a box, which she explained was capable of slaying Muriel. Seth insisted that he should come with his grandmother, and she eventually gave in to his persistence, bringing both him and Kendra.

Using Hugo as the transporter, they traveled quickly through the woods toward the Forgotten Chapel. When they arrived, they walked down to the basement and found Muriel, her limberjack, and several imps, both enlarged and normal. Ruth quietly commanded the golem to attack Muriel, and Hugo, who punched his way through the imps and Mendigo, was ultimately turned into gravel by the witch at the last instant. With Hugo out of the way, Muriel ordered the imps to capture Seth, Kendra, and Ruth. His grandma fired the arrow at the witch, which hit her in the shoulder. Ruth called for a retreat, but got seized by a group of imps. Seth flung a handful of the dust that he had been given earlier, which repelled the evil creatures. After an imp snuck up behind him and knocked the pouch with the dust out of his hand, he was captured by the same imp that he had caught prior to Midsummer Eve. Seth was shortly imprisoned in an enormous jar with breathing holes punched in the lid and looked about a hundred years old.


Seth was saved by his sister, who brought a large army of enlarged fairies who fought off Muriel and Bahumat and imprisoned them again. When the imp that had captured Seth been transformed back into a fairy, he saw that it was the one he had caught and kept prisoner overnight. She reluctantly transformed him back to his normal self by kissing him on the forehead. After the battle, he was flown back to the house by the enlarged fairies, which he found particularly fun. Two days later, Seth and Kendra's parents came to pick them up and they left with an invitation to return sometime else soon.

Return to Fablehaven


A year after the events with Bahumat and Muriel at Fablehaven, Seth, in his sixth-grade year, was playing football with his friends in Roosevelt Middle School when his sister called for him. He reluctantly left the game to talk to Kendra and was told that a goblin had infiltrated her class. Since his sister could see magical creatures without having to drink the magical milk, while Seth couldn't, she wanted him to describe how the goblin looked to him. He did, and shortly after, the bell rang for the students to come back to class, and he left.

The next day, Seth saw his sister talking to an unknown man. The stranger introduced himself as Errol Fisk, and at first, Seth thought he was a salesman. After being convinced that Errol wasn't, in fact, a salesman, but a kobold exterminator, which he explained the creature that had infiltrated Kendra's class was, he assured them that he was a friend, using his knowledge of Kendra being fairystruck as evidence. Errol had devised a plan to get rid of the kobold but required help from Seth and his sister, and they decided to rendezvous at the service station on the corner of Culross and Oakley at nine the next day.

Seth and Kendra arrived at the service station the following day almost ten minutes late. They entered the Volkswagen van that Errol came in, and pulled out onto Culross Drive. The man explained that they were going to steal an item that would drive away the kobold from a mortuary owned by Archibald Mangum, whom he claimed to be a blix. Kendra would then give the item to the kobold, and it would leave. Errol also told Seth that he must enter the funeral home alone, since, according to him, there were protective spells preventing anyone over the age of thirteen from entering, and he had not yet reached that age. Seth reluctantly received some eye drops to open his eyes to magical creatures, was given a dog biscuit to feed the statue that they needed since that was the only way to move it, and headed for the mortuary.

He, unenthusiastically, opened the garage with the code that Errol gave him earlier and went inside. He closed the door behind himself and was greeted by the growling from an aggressive dog. Reaching a quick decision, he exuded as much confidence as he could, commanded the dog to sit, and tossed it half of the biscuit to befriend it, which worked. Seth, followed by the dog, walked around the funeral home until he found an elevator. He entered and pressed 'B', which took him to the bottom floor. After exiting, he tried passing through a door marked 'Private', finding it locked. Seth attempted a few times to kick it open, and when that failed, he found an ax with which he chopped a hole in it and unlocked it from the inside. When he entered, he saw the statue of a frog that they were looking for and he fed it the dog biscuit but was bitten by the frog in the process. He hastily returned to the van and Errol drove both him and his sister back home.

After Kendra had given the kobold the statue, it left the city, and when Seth was heading towards the bus station that day, he saw Errol waiting for him. The man requested help yet again with another task: recovering an amulet from a houseboat owned by a member of the Society of the Evening Star. Seth agreed to try to help Errol and they decided to meet at the same service station at ten the first day of summer break, however, his sister was reluctant to embark on another mission. She argued that they should confirm with their grandfather that Errol was a friend first, but they were unable to reach him. At 20:11 on the same day that their outing with Errol was planned, Stan managed to reach them, providing the information that Errol was most likely a traitor and a member of the Society of the Evening Star himself, and that he'd sent a woman named Vanessa Santoro to pick them up and bring them safely to Fablehaven.


About two hours after Stan had convinced Seth's parents to let them visit, Vanessa arrived. She came in a custom made sports car that he found very interesting, though his mood worsened when his sister got to have the front seat and not him. Errol had waited down the road from their house and was part of an attempt to stop Vanessa from getting away to Fablehaven. As they headed towards the interstate, a dullion blocked the way and attacked, but Vanessa expertly turned the car around and they were going back the way they came. However, the road back was now also blocked by Errol's van and another car, a Cadillac. After turning around yet again, she managed to get past the dullion, but not before receiving a violent punch from the creature in the process. They continued driving for two hours until reaching Fablehaven.

At the preserve waited Stan, who was injured and in a wheelchair which he had previously explained, Ruth, Dale, and two other unknown men, who were introduced as Tanugatoa Dufu and Coulter Dixon. Despite their many questions, Seth and his sister were sent to bed almost immediately upon arriving, since the time was around midnight. Before he went to bed, Seth revealed to Kendra that he had secret plans to trade batteries with the satyrs, Newel and Doren. When he woke up the next day, he shook Kendra until she woke up too, and then went down to the study room to finally receive answers with a tray with breakfast that he had been given by Vanessa. They were informed further about the secret artifacts, preserves, and Zzyzx, were asked questions about Errol's intentions, received information relating Vanessa, Tanu, and Coulter's job to recover the Fablehaven artifact, and Seth was told about the bite he had received from the statue, that it was in actuality a demon that would hunt down the victim who fed it any food while in stasis. A meeting with the Sphinx was also set up for Seth and Kendra.

They were both escorted by Dale to have a lesson with Tanu. When they arrived, he was waiting for them and asked them a few regular questions, then let them ask him questions. Seth learned some things about Tanu's skill with potions, and he was offered to try one of the bottled-up emotions as a demonstration. Seth, getting to choose between fear, rage, embarrassment, and sorrow, decided on fear. He took the potion, and after a few moments, he began getting anxious and scared, his brain making up fake scenarios to match the emotions. Seth believed Tanu had poisoned him and even began to cry. Only a few seconds later though, the doze ended and he realized how absurd all his conclusions had been. His sister also received one, shame, and he began to understand the power of emotion. Tanu then set up some common goals, which included protecting Fablehaven and the people who lived there, as well as working to find a cure to Dale's brother Warren, who was catatonic. Seth, Kendra, and Tanu, accompanied by Dale, all went to visit Warren in his cottage. There, they discovered that Kendra's touch made Warren react, which he had not done since turning catatonic. Tanu and Dale believed this had something to do with the fairy army the previous year.

The Fablehaven dungeon

The next day, at breakfast, Seth was informed that he and Kendra were going to stay at the house and was not permitted to accompany Tanu, Coulter, or Vanessa on their outing into the forest that day since the mission was considered especially dangerous. Seth protested because he wanted to do just that. Vanessa soon came down into the kitchen and told everyone that her drumants had escaped and were loose in the house. She calmed everybody down though by explaining that her drumants, unlike most, weren't poisonous.

Sometime later, Seth entered the dungeon along with his grandmother, who was showing them around, and his sister. Ruth told them about the whisper hound that guarded the dungeon, preventing any prisoners from escaping. At first, she took them to briefly see the door leading into the Hall of Dread, and after to meet the goblins managing the dungeon food, Slaggo and Voorsh. Seth learned that the two goblins cook the food for the prisoners. After being introduced to the goblins, Ruth brought Seth and Kendra to the oubliette, where a jinn was imprisoned. She explained that it was the jinn that had transformed her into a chicken, which was the state that Seth and his sister had seen her the previous year. Seth, who had wanted to see a prisoner for the entire tour, was on the way back permitted by his grandmother to peek inside a cell where the imp who had injured Stan was kept. Ruth also mentioned that a meeting with the Sphinx had been set up for both of them and that it must remain a secret, even to Vanessa, Tanu, and Coulter.

Coulter Dixon

After being shown the dungeon, Seth and Kendra had set up a lesson with Coulter. When he didn't turn up on time, they began discussing their meeting with the Sphinx that they would have later that day. Coulter, who had in reality just put on his invisibility glove, was present during the mention of the Sphinx. He understood that he wasn't meant to have heard that, and taught them the importance of keeping secrets and that spies could be listening at any time.

At first, he warned them of the danger of venturing into the woods, and that they'd have to accept that risk if they wanted to follow him on some of his missions. When they both agreed, Coulter told them to not tell anyone of his magic glove, since it was meant to be kept a secret. Seth and Kendra agreed again, and as a test, Coulter was willing to show them one of his most prized possessions: a magical cocoon that could surround him in an extremely strong protective barrier. Seth and Kendra were told that if they managed to keep that secret, he might share more, but if he learned that they'd told anyone, they would not hear another secret from him again.

Next, Coulter showed them a silver sphere, which he explained was magical and had a light distracter spell applied to it. He placed it in the birdbath and told Seth to go grab it. Seth obeyed but stopped at the birdbath when he forgot what Coulter had asked for. When Coulter reminded him, Seth slapped his forehead with the heel of his hand and stretched out an arm to grab the sphere, but instead started washing his hands. Coulter called him over and explained that he was not able to retrieve it because of the spell protecting it. After Kendra had tried the same thing and succeeded due to her fairykind immunity, Coulter showed them that Hugo, the formerly mindless golem, had developed a will of his own, a consequence to the fairies rebuilding him the previous year. He assigned them to play with Hugo for one hour a day to allow the golem to learn to make choices of his own. After walking around a bit in the yard, Kendra came with the suggestion that Hugo should throw Seth into the pool. Seth agreed and was subsequently thrown about ten meters into the swimming pool with his clothes still on.

The Sphinx

That afternoon, Seth, Kendra, and Ruth drove to the coastal city of Bridgeport in order to meet the Sphinx. They turned into the parking lot of King of the Road Auto Repair, where they met up with Mr. Lich, who drove them through a disorienting amount of alleys and sideways before stopping by a bar. They entered the bar and went up a stair and into a room. Seth was told to wait there with his grandmother while Kendra entered another room to talk with the Sphinx. After a while, Kendra exited, informed them that the Sphinx had said she was fairykind, and told Seth that it was his turn.

Bargaining with Burlox

An uninvited guest

Venturing to the Valley of the Four Hills

Retrieving the key to the Inverted Tower

Defeating the revenant

Quiet Box

Rise of the Evening Star

Seth then meets the Sphinx, and the Sphinx tells him he has been bitten by a demon named Olloch the Glutton, and that the demon will not rest until he has eaten Seth. There is no worry because the demon has no way of penetrating the walls of Fablehaven yet. Seth is undoubtedly worried, and both Stan and Ruth tell him not to be. This is not true for very long, because Olloch attacks Seth while he's trading batteries with Newel and Doren, where Hugo has to save him. Seth then becomes grounded, but not before everyone finds out that someone signed "Christopher Vogel and Guest" into the register.

Later that night, Coulter woke Seth up in the middle of the night, telling him that he knows where the artifact is hidden and that no one wanted to go and get it, which is why he needs Seth. Seth agrees to go, and he, Coulter, and Hugo set off for the Four Hills, where Warren was before he became albino. Hugo cannot pass into the Grove itself, so Coulter and Seth forge ahead, Coulter gives Seth a Holly Wand to help ward of the Undead being that Coulter thinks resides there. Suddenly, they're both hit by a wave of immense fear, so much so that they cannot move. A pale figure comes into view, and Seth is forced onto his back because the fear is too much. Coulter, coming to his senses, shoves something into Seth's mouth: the magic cocoon. Olloch soon comes and swallows Seth whole -- the cocoon and all, thus fulfilling his desire to eat Seth.

He spends approximately two days inside Olloch before eating his way out of the cocoon only to find the Demon as a statue again. He has no idea where he is, so he goes to the Old Manor to get his bearings. On the way out he is cornered by a tornado of dust that he barely escapes. He finds his way to the cabin where Kendra and Mendigo are staying and they reunite, because Kendra thought he was dead. She explains that Vanessa was the one who signed Olloch and Christopher Vogel into the Register, because she is a Narcoblix and she bit everyone at the house. The siblings decide that they have to go back to the house to retrieve the key to the place where the artifact is hidden. They ask Newel and Doren to show them the way to theBrownie Hole where they sneak into the house using Tanu's shrinking potions. While there, they see that their grandparents are prisoners in their own Dungeon, and that Errol is in fact Christopher Vogel. They manages to get the key and barely escapes.

Back at the cabin, Kendra and Seth discuss how best to proceed. Kendra wants to flee the preserve, but Seth wants to go back to the Grove and face the Revenant that was there. While Kendra is in the bathroom, he takes Mendigo, a pair of pliers, and a courage potion. He takes the potion and starts to pull the talisman out of the Revenant when the potion fails, but he finds the strength within himself to pull the nail out of the Revenant and passes out. Seth wakes up to see Warren and Kendra standing over him, getting ready to go into the Inverted Tower. He wants to go, but is too weak. Warren gives him an energizing potion and commands Mendigo to take Seth to the Stables. When Kendra, Warren, Dale, Vanessa, Tanu, and Coulter emerge from the tower with the Sands of Sanctity, the artifact everyone was looking for, Kendra heals him with it.

Later, Seth watches Vanessa being put into the Quiet Box, and sees the mysterious prisoner escape and leave with the Sphinx.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Several weeks after the events of Rise of the Evening Star, Seth, Newel, and Doren travel to the Seven Kingdoms, the home of the Nipsies, in order to receive gold in trade for batteries. While there, the Third Kingdom asks Newel and Doren to help them against the Sixth and Seventh Kingdoms' Nipsies who have recently started attacking the others. Seth notices that these Nipsies have fangs, grey skin, and blood red eyes. Newel destroys several parts of the Sixth and Seventh Kingdoms along with stopping a siege on the Fifth. As a reward, the Nipsies from the Third Kingdom gave Newel, Doren, and Seth gold from their treasury.

Back at the house, Warren and Tanu return from secret missions trying to find out if the note that Vanessa left on the floor of her cell in the previous book, saying that the Sphinx is in fact the leader of the Society, is true or not. They also reveal that the Captain of the Knights of the Dawn wants Kendra to come to the first united gathering in ten years in order to induct her into the secret group. Seth is jealous of his older sister, saying that she gets to do all of the cool stuff. While she, Coulter, Tanu, and Warren go to Atlanta, Seth stays home at Fablehaven. Before Kendra leaves, however, she finds out that Seth knows about the Nipsies, and he gets grounded.

While playing catch with Mendigo in the yard while Kendra is off at Lost Mesa, dark Fairies attack him and Mendigo. Seth rushes to tell Stan what happened, and Stan goes out to investigate, barely coming back inside before the dark Fairies starts attacking him. Tanu comes back all alone after he and Coulter were looking for a new home for the Nipsies. He says that he took a gaseous potion in order to escape the dark Fairies that attacked he and Coulter. Coulter then disappeared after blasts of darkness hit him, and taking a gaseous potion was all that Tanu could do to escape. Stan, Ruth, Tanu, and Dale decide to see what Vanessa knows, and they temporarily releases her from the Quiet Box. She tells them that what is going on was most likely caused by the previous occupant of the Quiet Box, and that the Sphinx released the prisoner onto the preserve.

That night, a figure appears outside of the attic window, asking Seth to let him in. Seth, having learned from his mistake the previous summer, does not, instead, he tells his grandparents. They do not se the shadow man. Later, the figure appears and reveals himself to be a shadowy version of Coulter that only Seth can see.

Soon after that, Doren asks Tanu and Seth to help him. Dark Nipsies attacked Newel and turned him into a dark version of himself. Seth escapes via a gaseous potion, but Tanu gets bitten. He turns into a shadow version of himself. That night, Tanu and Coulter come back and Seth agrees to go with them while they show him something important. Stan catches Seth trying to follow Tanu and Coulter, but he relents, saying that he’ll go with Seth. Tanu and Coulter take them to see a Demon, Graulas. Stan tries to get Seth to stop, but he is soon frozen by fear.

Graulas tells Seth that the plague was caused by the mysterious prisoner, a Dragon named Navarog, who took the Revenant’s nail and gave it to another Demon, Kurisock. The Demon then tells Seth that pulling the nail from the Revenant gave Seth abilities, such as being immune to magical fear and being able to see the shadowy forms of his friends. Stan and Seth travels back to he House, and Seth starts researching anything to do with Graulas or Kurisock. He finds out that a former caretaker, Patton Burgess, suspected that Kurisock had something to do with his uncle, Marshal Burgess' death

Kendra and Warren returns home and tell the others about Lost Mesa, and that the artifact there had been taken by none other than Patton Burgess and hidden somewhere at Fablehaven. They are filled in on what has happened at Fablehaven and the shadow plague.

The next day, dark Brownies infiltrate the House, steal the Register, and fill the house with booby traps. Everyone there, Stan, Ruth, Dale, Warren, Kendra, and Seth, flew to the pond where the Fairy Queen’s Shrine is. There, they see that a lot of the magical creatures have seeked refuge there, including Satyrs, Fairies, Dryads, Hamadryads, Nipsies, Dwarves, and Centaurs, to name a few. Seth introduces himself to two Centaurs, Broadhoof and Cloudwing, who simply gives him the cold shoulder. After this, Stan, Ruth, Warren, Dale, Kendra, and Seth privately discuss plans of how to get the artifact. Lena had shared with Kendra earlier the location of the artifact and how to get it. It was in the Old Manor and appeared every monday at noon for one minute. The group decides to create a diversion in order to get the safe. Stan, Ruth, Dale, Warren, and Seth will all go to the Old Manor with their eyes shielded from the magical creatures while those staying at the pond provide a distraction. Kendra and Seth tries to convince the Centaurs to lead the charge, but they decline. Seth calls them cowards and Broadhoof demands a duel to settle his injured pride. Seth agrees to the duel as long as the Centaurs lead the charge.

The next day, the group of five along with Hugo leave the safety of the pond to race to the Old Manor. They get there, and Seth is made to wait outside. He quickly realizes that something went wrong and goes inside the Manor. He opens his eyes with walrus butter, a substance similar to the milk, and tries to rescue Dale from a shadow woman, the tornado of dust he saw earlier in the summer. Dale gets turned into a shadow man, and Seth has to flee to the room where the safe is held. He sees his grandparents get taken, and nearly succeeds helping Warren. He makes it to the safe, and opens it to find the Chronometer, the artifact from Lost Mesa. He starts randomly pressing buttons and none other than Patton Burgess appears in the room. Patton helps Seth escape the Old Manor and race to the pond.

Patton then hears about Seth's upcoming duel with Broadhoof, and proceeded to duel the Centaur himself on Seth's behalf, winning. Kendra tells Patton that Lena, his wife, has become a Naiad again. She leaves the pond again, and the four of them go to converse quietly in a tent. Patton tells the story of how his aunt, Ephira, became the shadow woman and her merging of powers with Kurisock through a cursed tree. Seth relates that the nail from the Revenant is now a part of that tree, and that that was the cause of the shadow plague. Kendra goes to converse with the Fairy Queen about the plague and comes back with a pebble, saying that the pebble could destroy the nail, but whoever touched the pebble to the stone would die.

That night, Kendra and Seth are sitting at the edge of the hedge, talking about the plan, when Coulter shows up and is miraculously healed by Kendra. A pair of dark Satyrs run off to tell the others about what happened.

The four of them quickly formulate a plan of how to enter Kurisock's realm to stop the shadow plague, and they set off for the Demon's realm soon after that. During the battle, Seth gets turned to a shadow by Ephira's tendrils of blackness. Seth has to save Patton from the magical fear that Ephira emanates. Patton throws the stone, but it sails away from the nail. Soon after that, Seth helps Lena get close to the nail and is close by when she touches the two objects together, saving Fablehaven and killing herself in the process.

Two days later, Dougan, a lieutenant of the Knights of the Dawn, confirms that the Sphinx is in fact a traitor to the Knights and is leading the Society of the Evening Star.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Seth is devastated when Kendra is thought to be dead. He attends to her funeral but the Knights eventually finds out that the buried Kendra is a fake clone, the real Kendra were abducted by the Sphinx but eventually escapes safely.

The Knights of the Dawn has to find the next artifact, the Translocator before the Sphinx does and to find it they have to enter a sacred Dragon Sanctuary called Wyrmroost to find a key. The key to the gates of Wyrmroost is a Unicorn's first horn and the only known first horn they can think of is the Soul of Grunhold, the horn of the domain of the Centaurs at Fablehaven. After hearing Graulas calling for him, Seth goes to the Demon who tells him to steal the horn from the Centaurs that night, with the help of Nero, the Cliff Troll.

After crossing the Great Marsh, Seth and Nero are at Grunhold, the domain of the Centaurs. Using his Shadow Charmer abilities, Seth sneaks into the Tauran Maze, an invisible labyrinth that can only be solved by those who can actually penetrate the magic hiding the iron walls of the maze. Suceeding to solve the maze, Seth manages to trick the Mountain Troll Udnar, the last guardian of the Soul and Heart of Grunhold. He switches the Soul with a banana and brings the horn back to the House.

The Knights begins to form a group that will enter Wyrmroost, which Kendra is included in because of her ability to see through Distracter Spells. Seth, angry for being excluded, hides in the Extradimesional Backpack and manages to get to Wyrmroost without the others knowledge.

After entering through the gates of Wyrmroost, a large Dragon called Camarat, stops them and goes through the gear they are bringing. He eventually lets them go because nothing they have is too alarming. When they enter Blackwell Keep, the residence of the caretaker of Wyrmroost, they meet the Wizard Agad. He informs them that they can't stay there for more than a day because of some rules made up with the Dragons long ago.

The team walks for a while until a herd of Perytons comes against them, fleeing from the Dragon Nafia. The team gets split up and Kendra is on her own. She gets caught by Nafia and as a punishment for interrupting her hunt, she says that she'll devour Kendra. Seth overhears the conversation from his hideaway down in the Knapsack. In an attempt to rescue Kendra, Seth climbs out of the Backpack to help out, he eventually takes Kendra's hand and they both suddenly finds the ability to speak. They manages to detain the Dragon until Gavin arrives and talks Nafia out of eating them. Seth's presence is mostly accepted.

Eventually, they reach Sidestep Cleft and has to pass through it to get to the Fairy Queen's Shrine here at Wyrmroost. Unfortunately, the Shrine is inside the domain of Thronis, the Sky Giant. All but Kendra gets captured by Thronis' Dwarf Zogo and his Griffins. Seth manages to talk their way out of there with the help of his Shadow Charmer abilities, allowing him to talk the language of Giants, Jiganti. After they receive a Truth Chain that will suffocate them if they tell a lie, Thronis lets them go under the condition that they will return the five Precious Figurines to him.

Once at the entrance of the Dragon Temple, the team manages to meet up again and proceeds to walk inside of the building. The first obstacle is a Hydra named Hespera. After getting a few nice shots on the leading head, the group hurries past the Hydra.

The second guardian is an old and huge Dragon named Glommus. He has the ability to put almost anyone to sleep, even other Dragons. After putting the Knights to sleep, Vanessa takes control over Tanu and, using one of the Adamant edged swords, manages to decapitate the Dragon.

The last guardian is a poison Dragon called Siletta. She is ancient and has one of the most lethal poisons known, her whole room is filled with potent poisons. Seth comes up with the plan that he and Kendra should use the Unicorn horn to withstand the poison and to use it to kill Siletta. Seth and Kendra manages to slay the Dragon and at the same time Gavin, in form of Navarog, manages to take down Hespera.

After retrieving the key to the Vault at Obsidian Waste, Seth is the only one to get picked up by Thronis' Griffins as an ambush by some Dragons stirred things up. He later makes it back to Fablehaven safely but gets to know that the Society of the Evening Star has kidnapped his parents.

Keys to the Demon Prison

A plan is formed by the Knights of the Dawn in order to recover the Translocator, which is located in the Australian preserve, Obsidian Waste. After retrieving the vault key from Wyrmroost, they almost immediately fly to Obsidian Waste, only to get ambushed by the Society of the Evening Star.

Lead by Mr. Lich and some other powerful enemies, such as Mirav and the Gray Assassin, the Society almost gets them, but thanks the Laura, the caretaker, they manage to get away in two cars. When arriving at the Dreamstone (the vault), Trask inserts the key into an irregularity in the wall, and an entrance opens at the back of the large obsidian structure.

They travel through a long corridor just to find a dead end, when they backtrack, they find another dead end and realizes that they are unable to get out until they finish the vault. In the first chamber they have to build a clay warrior in order for it to fight another statue. Their statue loses the fight but Trask still manages to get the key in the keyhole and both statues and their remains turns to ash.

The second chamber is a vast room filled with boiling water. After Berrigan and Vincent turns the key in the keyhole, a wall of water comes plunging against them. Thanks to Tanu giving them Fire-Resistant Potions Seth and the other Knights can survive in the hot water. The water level is rapidly rising and it becomes clear that they are going to drown if they don't find another keyhole. Luckily, Mara, Berrigan, and Elise manages to find one and the water level starts decreasing and the water turns cooler. This time, the water is turning to ice and tragically, Vincent gets trapped under the ice and drowns. Seth and the others survives and a new passage has opened

After a few more tricky paths, the finally makes it to the last chamber. The last keyhole is located on a mechanical lion, but before they manages to retrieve the artifact, Seth gets shot in the back by an arrow. He turns himself into gas, using one of Tanu's Gaseous Potions, but ends up trapped in a bottle.

Seth is a prisoner at Living Mirage, the fifth secret preserve where the Sphinx is the caretaker. Eventually, he meets Bracken, a hornless Unicorn that were imprisoned there centuries ago. After the failed attempt to rescue Seth and his friends, Mirav gives Seth the Translocator and the Sands of Sanctity. Seth teleports to Fablehaven and proceeds to heal Graulas. This proves to be a fatal mistake, as the Demon then kills his friend Coulter.

Devastated after his mistake, Seth recieves some advice from his dead relative, Patton Burgess. He manages to capture the Leprechaun Cormac with the help of Newel and Doren in order to get the bell, the whistle, and the music box to enable him to call for the Lady Luck. These items were located inside of Cormac's Cave.

After a long drive, Seth, Vanessa, Newel, Doren, and Hugo meets the Sentinel of the Singing Sisters. Seth manages to come to an agreement with the Sisters, to give them Vasilis, a Wraith and an item of their choosing in a year in exchange for the location of the Totem Wall.

The Totem Wall requires Seth to leave his items at their power after he convinced them to open the Alder Door for him. Seth almost gets killed by the Standing Dead, who will try to kill you if you feel scared, but he manages to keep his calm. The last obstacle is an ancient Wizard named Morisant. He were one of the founders of Zzyzx and accidentally turned himself into an Undead. After scanning Seth's mind, Morisant gives Seth Vasilis under one condition, Seth must slay him with it. Seth obliges and Morisant perishes, slain by the blade he once wielded.

Seth meets up with Kendra, Warren, and Bracken at Hatternas Island. After calling for the Lady Luck, Seth manages to persuade the Presence in the cabin to take them to Shoreless Isle. When arriving, Seth and the others prepare themselves for the great battle of Zzyzx.

Shortly after the prison opened, the Sphinx appears and teleports Seth and the Astrids Peredor, Targoron, and Silvestrus to retrieve the artifacts from Graulas and Nagi Luna. Seth kills them both using Vasilis and Silvestrus got the items, handing them to Targoron when he fell. The battle continues and thanks to the clever plan formed by the founders of Zzyzx, the Demons gets imprisoned in the old Fairy Realm.


After Seth met Calvin, he got chased by the Ogre Mung after he sent Knox into Mung's territory to retrieve some gold. Seth is saved by Hugo, who makes the Ogre yield.

Shortly after, Seth and Kendra gets offered to become the co-caretakers of Wyrmroost because Agad thinks that it will strengthen the barriers of Blackwell Keep to have Human caretakers. They accepts and after an interview with Celebrant, they became the official caretakers along with the Dragon King.

Both of them has to ride to Terrabelle to apologize to the Fair Folk for not asking them before getting appointed. Seth chooses the Luvian Noble as his mount. Along with Henrick, Kendra and Seth arrives at Terrabelle and meets Lord Dalgorel, the leader of Terrabelle. After apologizing, they ask for advice. Dalgorel says that the barriers actually didn't get stronger and that Blackwell Keep is still vulnerable. He cannot say what they have to do to strengthen the barriers but sends them to the Somber Knight, who can reveal what to do.

The Somber Knight advises them to go seek up Dromadus. His Lair is located near a Sequoia Grove on the Winding Way. Not too long after they left Terrabelle, they meet the Gate Troll Grimp, after Henrick has an argument with him about the ownership of a bridge, Grimp calls for Dire Bears who chases them for a while.

When entering Dromadus' Lair, the walk down an extremely dark passage and ends up in a vast room. Dromadus concealed his large body through laying motionless and surprised Seth and Kendra when he approached them. Dromadus says that he indeed knows where the seventh Scepter is and that he can help them located it.

After Dromadus opened the Path of Dreams for them, Seth finds himself in a room with a Demon. When Seth declines the Demon Talizar's help, all of the Liches inhabiting the room comes after Seth. He sees that one of the closest ones has a key and he grabs it and escapes.

The next obstacle was a Dragon named Burelli. Because Seth and Kendra saved her eggs from a Giant Scorpion, Burelli gave them five minutes to enter a maze and find the seventh Scepter that's hidden in there. After hitting multiple dead ends, Seth finds Calvin who leads him to the Scepter just in time before Burelli killed him. When Seth grabbed the Scepter, he, Kendra, and Calvin instantly got teleported back to the start of the Path of Dreams.

When Kendra and Seth got back to Blackwell Keep they find Henrick trapped in the nearest Safe Hut. Seth comes up with the ingenious plan to send Knox to retrieve the Scepter under his command while he escapes to the Fairy Queen's Shrine on Tempest hoping for mercy from the Queen.

After dodging several Dragons, Tempest dives down to the Shrine and Seth rushes to the small Fairy statue. Miraculously, Seth gets admitted to the Realm by the Fairy King and survives while Knox successfully gets the Scepter. In the end, Seth repairs the broken Perch that Celebrant tore down with his Onyx Tower which he got from the Sky Giant Thronis.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Seth and Kendra had to attend to the Feast of Welcome at Skyhold, hosted by Celebrant, the Dragon King. Kendra, together with Seth and Tanu, rode there on griffins, his mount being the Sage. Although, after the feast, all of their mounts were slain, and they had to walk all the way back to Blackwell Keep. Seth, Kendra, Tanu, and Eve soon got forced of the Safe Road by Amulon and the other taurans. Kendra sent a hundred arrows his way but got gobbled up by the dragon Jaleesa. Tanu took a gaseous potion and Eve urged Seth to hide in a small cave. The Somber Knight arrived not soon later, killing both of the remaining dragons.

Back on the road, the griffin Tempest successfully made it to Seth, Eve, and the Somber Knight. Seth and Eve made their way to Terrabelle, while the Somber Knight headed for Skyhold. As thanks for seeing his daughter safely home, and to avoid risking their neutrality, Lord Dalgorel elected to imprison Seth on friendly terms in their extremely relaxed dungeon instead of kicking him out. In the dungeon, Seth met the rebellious Fair Folk Lomo. Shortly after, Tanu arrived. And not long after that, Newel, Doren, Knox, and Tess as well. After Tanu brewed a shrinking potion, Seth, Knox, Tanu, Calvin, and Lomo were flown out of Terrabelle to the Zowali Protectorate by the talking eagle Creya, while Newel, Doren, and Tess stayed behind.

At the Zowali Protectorate, Seth, Tanu, Lomo, Knox, and Calvin met up with Kendra and a stingbulb version of Patton Burgess that was kept in a null box. The stingbulb revealed to them that the Wizenstone was hidden inside Stormguard Castle, and that they needed to get it before the dragons did. Making their way past the Sentient Wood and the Bewilderness, all of their respective mounts were gifted wings by Risenmay, who dwells at the heart of the Bewilderness.

Master of the Phantom Isle

After losing his memories, Seth was kidnapped by Mendigo, and was transported to the realm of the Underking, where Ronodin was waiting for him. He manipulated Seth into believing that Kendra and the others were his enemy's, and that Ronodin was Seth's brother. Seth was instructed on how to talk to the Underking, when Seth's presence was requested by him . He was told not to look into the kings eyes, and to not let any of his desires show, to try to be the most content boy in the world. Seth went in tried to hide his desire to find his memories, but the Underking caught on, and presented him with a chance to become one of the undead, trying to deceive Seth by presenting him his crown. Seth declined the offer, and the Underking went on to say that as a price for his hospitality, Seth would owe him a favour, which he was bound too. Seth accepted the Underking's offer and his hands were immediately bound with ghostly shackles. Seth exited the room, and Ronodin started his training immediately. He was first taught to quench fire, being guided to his spot of darkness, where he would be able to take his powers from. Seth succeeded , which Ronodin was pleased by. He went on to teach Seth to talk to a dragon, summoning Jibarro, the guardian dragon of the Phantom Isle. Seth was unable to talk the first time , but on the second he succeeded , Jibarro complimented Ronodin on his teaching skills, and proceeded to dive into the water. That night Seth was instructed to go to Blackwell keep, and release his prisoners. Aided by the Sphinx , they succeeded, causing the fall of Wyrmroost .Seth then ate some lunch . after interrogating a wraith about his memories , Seth was lead to Ezabar, and made a deal to see a prisoner who supposedly knew him. He was led to Bracken, and though skeptical at first Bracken revealed to seth his past, which Seth did not believe. Ronodin appeared, and told Seth that Bracken was another enemy leading him out of the dungeon. Tasked with the rather notorious mission , Seth and Ronodin travel to Cresent Lagoon, another so called 'dragon prison ' and travel to the lair of the phantom Dezia which was guarded by a few wraiths. Seth negotiates with the wraiths and decides to free all of them, on the condition that the smartest gives him safe journey through the lair , which they agree to. Seth crosses the hurdles with the help of a wraith, who claimed to be the smartest of the guard group. Seth finds himself in a room full of blistering heat , and tries to quench the fire. it works, and Dezia compliments him , telling him it was not the best way but it got the job done. But the fires light up again , and Seth layers himself with freezing cold, hoping the heat and cold could cancel each other out. This lead him to Dezia who was shocked at his ability to hear her. She agreed to help him on the condition that he would burn her token when he was to get the Everbloom a very powerful supplement of magic, which was the favour he owed to the Underking. The cave collapsed as Dezia told him the location of the Flower , and he was barley able to escape. Upon reaching daylight again, he heard Ronodin scrambling away from Mombatu the Dragon Slayer for the sanctuary, Seth ran for it and got stuck in a yellow mushroom. Kendra comes to his rescue, though does not release him. she interrogates Seth, and lets him go after Mombatu reaches their hiding spot. Ronodin appears there and they both venture to the realm of the Underking once again. Seth, conflicted about who to trust, seeks an audience wih the Underking. He gets it and asks the Underking to guide him to his memories. the Underking tells him to meet the Hidden sage , who lived on the Island of Omari. Seth Goes to meet the sage first thing in the morning . after a few hurdles he reaches the cave of the hidden sage. Gabrinko, the hidden sage first denies seth his help, but then Calvin, the tiny hero pops up. he was revealed to be hiding in Seths pocket, and tells him his current predicament. Seth is shocked, but believes Calvin. Gabrinko admits that without Calvins intervention he wouldn't have helped seth and searches their memories. he tells seth to follow his heart, and to not to take the everbloom from its place. Seth reluctantly agrees and when he reaches his temporary abode again , Ronodin confronts seth about the Everbloom. He tells Seth that he knows about Ronodin being his enemy now, but advises him to do the supposedly 'right' thing and hand over the Everbloom to the Underking, and reveals his plan to use Dezia's token to control her, and that Dezia would be Seths escort .Seth feels horrible and feels like he betrayed the phantom, but with no other choice, he Obliges with Ronodins wishes. He starts his journey at dawn . Seth tries to apologize too Dezia, but the phantom ignores him. Seth then gets the idea to make Dezia a new token. She gives her word to not hurt Seth, and with the help of the Everbloom , he makes Dezia a new token , which he throws into the lava freeing her. she thanks him and leaves the cave. contemplating on what to do with the flower, notices that his ghostly shackle has fallen of, freeing him of the favour he owed to the Underking, caused by Kendra's Bargain with the Underking. he then leaves the volcano, and decides to use his leviathan , which he had found in his emergency kit. before leaving he etches for words in the sand " CALVIN LIVES. TITAN VALLEY " before entering its big mouth. Seth finds a hermit troll named Hermo living in its mouth, and sails through the pearly waters, to Titan Valley.

Physical appearance

Seth's appearance is never mentioned in the story (because Brandon Mull wanted the readers to visualize the main characters for themselves). Although the illustrations usually show Seth as a preteen Caucasian boy with brown hair, and he's known to wear camo shirts.

Personality and traits

At the start of the series, Seth was (and usually still is) the classic annoying little brother and a keen adventurer, seeking thrills and wonders, even if he has to bend or break the rules. He likes to tease his sister Kendra and they usually get along although they sometimes get into arguments, most often when Seth's immaturity gets out of hand.

Kendra herself considers Seth to be very brave, noting he once put a snake's head into his mouth on a dare, and indeed Seth has shown remarkable courage time and again though he is not fearless.

Sometimes he enjoys being scared on his adventures, but when things get truly dangerous and life-threatening, or if his loved ones are endangered because of him, he feels intense guilt and remorse for how his actions affect others.

Despite his youth and immaturity, Seth is surprisingly smart and cunning, having sometimes gone into "lawyer mode" in order to argue with his parents (or Grandpa Sorenson) to avoid punishments, if not then lessen them, and Kendra notes how he sometimes makes good points. He can come up with creative solutions to difficult problems (such as drinking a courage potion to counteract the aura of terror from a revenant).

Several times, Seth has been compared to his relative Patton Burgess, which fills Seth with pride and confidence despite some pointing out some of the reckless acts Patton used to do and how men like him rarely live to a ripe old age (even though Patton did indeed die of old age).

Even so, Seth's immaturity and recklessness gotten him (and sometimes others) into trouble more than once, such as his opening the window on the Summer Solstice.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Shadow Charmer/Shadow Healer Abilities: Seth is a Shadow Charmer. He began to develop his powers when he removed the nail from a Revenant in Rise of the Evening Star, and they were only amplified when he was right next to that same nail being destroyed in Grip of the Shadow Plague. His dark powers were stabilized and brought to full potency in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary by Graulas, one of the four Demons at Fablehaven. While most of his friends and family disapprove of and are alienated by his abilities, Seth has never used his powers for evil. However, as of Return of the Dragon Slayers, Seth is not a shadow charmer anymore, but a shadow healer, meaning he has lost some of his abilities but gained other abilities.
    • Immunity to Magically-induced Emotions: Seth is immune to all magical manipulation of emotion, from magical fear to the guilt of stealing a Unicorn horn.**
    • Perception of Dark Elements: Seth can perceive dark and evil elements invisible to others. This later magnifies into being able to see anything invisible to others. However, he still needs the magical milk to see magical creatures.**
    • Communication with Dark Creatures: Seth can speak and understand the languages of Dark Creatures, ranging from Demons to Trolls, such as Duggish. For some reason, this also includes Jiganti, the language of the Giants.
    • Shade Walking: Seth can Shade Walk, meaning that away from bright light he is nearly invisible. If he reveals himself, however, then others will be able to see him until later on. By the time of Dragonwatch: Champion of the Titan Games, Seth has apparently mastered Shade Walking to use it at will and regardless of whether he's seen or not as he was able to win a challenge of catching a rabbit by shade walking in the shade of a tree so a rabbit wouldn't notice him until it was within his reach.*
    • Amicability with Dark Creatures: Seth is trusted more by Dark Creatures than other humans, although the degree to which this is effective varies from creature to creature, Demons, in particular, being immune to him, although he easily befriends the Sky Giant Thronis and the Mountain Troll Udnar.**
    • Power over the Undead: Seth has a link to the Undead, being able to hear their minds and thoughts. The Sphinx (another Shadow Charmer) has explained that they are a link to life, and they will do anything to preserve that link. This enables Seth to command Undead creatures (such as Wraiths, Phantoms, and Shades), provided that they have sworn loyalty to him and agree to the conditions he sets.
      He used this power to free the Phantom Dezia from the control of the Sphinx and Ronodin (as they had her Token) by disconnecting Dezia from her old Token and connecting her to a new one, a leaf from the Everbloom.*
    • Communication with the Undead: Seth can communicate with the Undead, both out loud and telepathically, as well as understand them.
    • Dragon Taming: Seth is a Dragon Tamer. He is somewhat immune to the magical fear Dragons can induce in other creatures but originally his mind was dazzled and unable to think or respond to any words from a Dragon unless he was in physical contact with his sister.
      Under Ronodin's tutelage, Seth learned to reach into himself to tap into his inner darkness as a Shadow Charmer and overcome the paralyzing effects to dragon fear to a degree, allowing him to not only speak to the seadragon Jibarro but even wave at him.
    • Quenching Flames: Seth can quench flames by drawing darkness and cold from dark creatures such as Wraiths. He is also very sensitive to heat and darkness due to this ability.*
    • Commanding Cold: Seth learned how to tap into his inner darkness as a Shadow Charmer to manifest and control varying temperatures of Cold. He used this power to bypass a passage protected by extreme heat, with the aid of a Phantom by cloaking himself with the Cold.*
    • Opening Locks: Under Ronodin's tutelage, Seth learned to will locks to unlock and open for him.*
    • Healing the Undead: Becoming a Shadow Healer, Seth gains the ability to release the Undead from their undead state, allowing them to move on. They have to be willing however or Seth cannot heal them.

* = unknown whether he is still able

** = not able to any more

  • Combat Skills: After Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Seth (and Kendra) was trained in martial skills, such as swordsmanship and archery by Warren, Trask, and even Vanessa. He's utilizes his swordsmanship skills in wielding the sword Vasilis to slay Graulas and Nagi Luna, and chose to wield the Sword of Tregain during his time as caretaker of Wyrmroost.

Many of Seth's abilities are never used in the series. The Sphinx, a more advanced Shadow Charmer, is able to plunge a room into darkness, release dizzy Spells, and lower the temperature in the same room. He believes that Seth would be able to do this too, with practice. He has also hinted at other abilities (projecting fear, opening locks, etc), never revealed or used by Seth.

Another key to Seth's abilities is without a doubt his courage and determination, as well as a mischievous streak and loyalty. It should also be noted that no Shadow Charmers are identical.

  • Gift of the Fairy King: During Seth's adventure within Titan Valley to reclaim his lost memories, Seth had unknowingly met up with the Fairy King and was given a gift by him to help him on his quest due to the King's eternal debt to him for saving him from the Demon King.
    • Astrid Wings: To help him get to the Dragon Temple through the gigantic thunder Storms of Titan Valley, Seth was gifted by the Fairy King with the same type of Wings as Astrids, granting him immense resistance against Thunder, Lightning, Strong Winds and the other harsh elements of Supernatural/Natural Storm, allowing him to fly through them without difficulty. After bathing in the Source, his wings become white and he can make them disappear at will.
    • Flying Skills: Another aspect of this gift was that Seth was naturally gifted the ability to instinctively know how to use his new wings as if he was naturally born with them.




According to the Bible the fifth human on Earth was named Seth. In Hebrew it means 'Appointed'.

Behind the scenes


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