The Seven Kingdoms of the Nipsies is radiating out from a central pond, the elaborate irrigation system composed of canals, aqueducts, pools, and dams connects seven sprawling communities of dense habitations bristling with tiny castles, mansions, factories, warehouses, shops, mills, theaters, arenas, and bridges. The architecture of the miniature kingdoms is complex and varied, and incorporates soaring spires, swooping rooftops, spiraling towers, fragile arches, cartoonish chimneys, colorful canopies, columed walkways, multitiered gardens, and glistening stones. The smallest of the fairy folk built their empires using the finest wood and stone. Precious metal and gemstones add a gleam to many of the fanciful structures.

The Grip of the Shadow Plague

In the Grip of the Shadow Plague, Seth and the satyrs go into the Seven Kingdoms of the Nipsies and help demolish a few of the kingdoms which held the Nipsies with the Shadow Plague. Then, they got gold from the kingdoms who requested help. Seth and the Satyrs were also called the Supreme Gigantic Overlords by them.

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