The Sphinx

The Sphinx, another known shadow charmer, holding the font of immortality, one of the 5 artifacts.

A Shadow charmer is clouded in darkness, but is not necessarily evil. A shadow charmer enjoys brotherhood with the creatures of the night. Their emotions cannot be manipulated by magical guilt and fear. They hear and comprehend the secret languages of dark creatures, such as: TrollsGiantsZombiesWraiths, Phantoms, and Demons. They are allies of the night. No two shadow charmers are the same.

In slight darkness, shadow charmers are nearly invisible. When they keep to the shade, even vigilant eyes will pass over them, particularly if they hold still. Some shadow charmers can see in the dark, quench flames, project fear, and lower the temperature in a room, and even hear thoughts. They are also immune to magical fear. These skills will come naturally or not at all. A shadow charmer cannot be taught or born. They are made, often through the aid of a demon. Some advanced shadow charmers can unlock locks with their minds. Interestingly, shadow charmers still need milk to see magical creatures. 

Some known shadow charmers include: The Sphinx, Seth Sorenson.

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