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The Sphinx, another known shadow charmer, holding the font of immortality, one of the 5 artifacts.


Seth, a known shadow charmer.

A Shadow Charmer is someone who enjoys brotherhood with the creatures of the night. They are not necessarily evil, despite their shadowy powers. However, most are sinister and rotten to the core, since they often confer with unsavory beings. They are mortal.

Shadow charmers cannot obtain their abilities through birth or teaching, and can only be made, often by the assistance of demons. Shadow charmers are rare and are regarded as fairy tale villains. Most people do not know they exist.


Shadow charmers each have different abilities, meaning that a shadow charmer may lack some of these skills. No two shadow charmers are alike. Each are very unique. These skills will come naturally or not at all.

  • Immunity to Magical Emotions: Shadow charmers cannot feel magical emotions such as guilt and fear. This allows them to speak with dark creatures without being affected, such as wraiths or dragons. This ability also allows them to hold a unicorn horn without being attacked by the magically induced guilt. This was how the Sphinx was able to steal Bracken's horn without trouble, and how Seth managed to take the centaurs' horn from Grunhold.
  • Umbrakinesis: A Shadow Charmer's power lies in darkness, and the creatures of darkness. As such, Shadow Charmers possess the ability to manipulate and even generate shadows. This can be utilized in a variety of situations:
    • Shade Walking: Under the cover of darkness, Shadow Charmers extremely difficult to see, are almost fully invisible and cannot be seen by even the most vigilant eyes. Their concealment increases with the strength of the shadows they inhabit. This ability becomes most effective when they hold still.
    • Darkness Manipulation: With an effort of will, Shadow Charmers can manipulate the level of light present in a room, allowing them to blind opponents or slip away unnoticed. The Sphinx has demonstrated the ability to totally plunge a room into darkness, simultaneously disorienting an opponent.
    • Night Vision: Their vision can penetrate darkness.
  • Communication with Dark Creatures: Shadow charmers can converse with beings such as demons and the undead. This allows them to control evil entities, offer bargains, and enlist their help through deals and vows. They hear and comprehend the secret languages of dark creatures, such as: Trolls, GoblinsGiantsZombiesWraiths, Phantoms, and Demons.
  • Magical Fear Projection: Like wraiths, demons, or dragons, they can send out waves of magical fear. This can paralyze opponents.
  • Opening Locks: Using their minds and willpower, some shadow charmers can unlock locks. When Seth first meets Bracken, the unicorn comments that professionals can do this. Ronodin later teaches this to Seth as well.
  • Cryokinesis (limited): With shadow comes cold, extreme cold. Shadow charmers possess the ability lower temperatures to extreme degrees. This can be used to combat heat, or even protect the user from it, as Seth demonstrates.
    • Quenching Flames: One notable ability of Shadow Charmers is the ability to extinguish fire. This ability even functions on flames augmented by magic, though this may require more effort.
  • Telepathy: Shadow charmers can hear thoughts.

Known Shadow Charmers