Shelter is a building at the Zowali Protectorate that looks like a cross between a lodge and a giant stable. A door large enough to accomodate just about any animal is placed on the structure. Inside, a spacious room with a wooded floor and sturdy logs and beams forming the rest, has been built. Stalls run along two sides of the room, with another large entrance on the far side. Stairs lead up to unseen lofts, while logs blaze in the hearth dominating the center of the room, the smoke escaping through a hole in the ceiling. There is little furniture, but several perches offer places for birds to roost, and many feeding troughs can be seen around the room.

A large assemblage of animals are visible, including gazelles, monkeys, elk, panthers, owls, wolves, camels, beavers, bison, otters, hippos, and ostriches. Near the fire, resting on a large pile of cushions, awaits the leader of the Protectorate, the talking tiger Raj Faranah.

Wrath of the Dragon King

Kendra rode to Shelter on Gorban, and later Captain, after being dropped off by Raxtus at the Zowali Protectorate, where she met Raj Faranah. A few hours later, Seth, Knox, Tanu, Calvin, Lomo, and Creya arrived.


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