Shiara is a fairy with silver wings and short blue hair.


  • She saved Raxtus from a Cockatrice that ate three of his siblings while he was still in an egg and took him to the Fairy Queen's shrine for protection.
  • She most likely gave good advice to Patton as he considers her the most reliable fairy at Fablehaven.



She was first seen complaining to Stan that Seth accidentally turned one of the fairies into an Imp. Shiara later lead the charge to imprison Bahumat and survived the battle. She was one of the fairies who played a role in making Kendra fairykind.

Rise of The Evening Star

She helps gather some fairies too turn Mendigo to obey Kendra and the other Sorensons. After the other fairies flew away, she staged a conversation with Kendra and told her to return the silver bowl back to the fairy queen Shrine, adding that such actions would cause her no harm.

Grip of the shadow plague

She was one of the three fairies who volunteered to join the light pebble with the revenant's nail in a last attempt to stop the shadow plague.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Raxtus said she is his foster mother.

Keys to the Demon Prison

She hinted excitedly to Kendra about Raxtus and Bracken's surprise visit. Also, it was mentioned that she helped Patton Burgess to be Fairystruck in the past.


  • She has silver wings, short blue hair, and purple eyes.
  • When in war form, she carries a shield and a flaming axe.
  • She speaks with an accent