Siletta was the last obstacle to the Dragon Temple treasury of Wyrmroost. She is known as the "The Poisonous One" due to the fact that she is poisonous to the core. She resembles a giant salamander with at least 10 sets of legs, that is very long and agile. She has translucent skin, that revealing veins and colorful organs. She is so poisonous that just being inside her toxic lair will kill you, lest she breathes on you.


Siletta was a legend, a Dragon with an impressive reputation. It is unknown when she became the guardian of the Dragon Temple of Wyrmroost.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

She used a black, slushy, poisonous substance to destroy Mendigo, but through the power of the first horn of the unicorn, Seth and Kendra were saved. Seth and Kendra also used the horn (constantly recharged by Kendra's energy) to quickly kill Siletta.


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