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The Singing Sisters are three Witches: Berna, Wilna, and Orna. All of them together have the ability to sing in such a way to act like an Oracle. Patton has bargained with the Sisters three times and survived.

The Singing Sisters are known in Keys to the Demon Prison to help Seth Sorenson know the location of Vasilis at the price of recieving Vasilis after a year of Seth finding it, a Wraith that heads their commands, and an artifact of their choosing.

Seth gave Vasilis and the Wraith to the Sisters in Dragonwatch, but he still owes them the artifact. They also warned him of a 'storm of Dragons'.


  • Oracular Singing: The Singing Sisters main power and most powerful ability is their ability to acquire and uncover any form of knowledge they desire through singing. Although the exact mechanics of their ability is unknown, the Sisters have been shown to be powerful enough to be able to even obtain knowledge on the most well guarded of secrets and knowledge, as seen where they managed to obtain information on the hiding place of Vasilis. However it has been noted that the Sister's get tired and possibly even injured the more powerfully guarded the knowledge is, as seen where they were considerably strained from obtaining Vasilis's hidden location.
    • Limited Omnipotence: The Sister's have also shown to possess a limited amount of omnipotence without needing to sing. This is seen where they were able to easily know that their boatman had told Seth Sorenson about the multiple choices to the price of their service by simply focusing on wanting to know who told him about it.
    • Precognition/Clairvoyance: The Sisters have also showcased the ability to see the future or multiple possibilities of the future. With them having been shown to be able to glen the reason to why people came to them and see future events that could change the course of history, as seen where they had already seen the possibilities of Zzyzx opening and the release of the Demons and made plans for their survival and see the Dragon Uprising and the falls of the Dragon sanctuary's.
  • Witchcraft: The Singing Sisters were stated by the The Sphinx to be three of the most powerful Witches in the world and is universally respected by other practitioners of the craft. This is seen where Muriel was astounded that Seth had even met them and demanded respect for them whenever anyone spoke of them.
    • Potions: After Seth had been stabbed by the Unforgiving Blade, the sisters were able to create a potion that stifled and lessened the swords effects on him.